Google’s new feature “Humming Songs”: Find the song that is looping in your mind

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Have you ever had this experience? Hear a good song on TV or in a shopping mall, and want to search for its song name. When you turn on the “Listen to Songs and Recognize Songs” function of the Music App, either the phone is completely recorded If the singing is not there, or the chorus has passed, it is difficult to recognize.

Digest bacteria often encounter such things sadly, and in the end they can only stupidly jot down a few lyrics, and then search and search~ However, I recently heard that Google has released a “humming song recognition” function, which is simply a digest. Savior of bacteria~

Google today added a new “humming song recognition” function to its search tool. You can hum (or whistle or sing) the nasty song that loops in your mind, and then use machine learning technology to perform Recognition.

This new feature is now available in the Google app on iOS and Android, as well as Google Assistant-just ask Google “What is this song?” or press the newly added “Search Songs” button and hum it. can. Google will show users the results based on how well they think they match, and then they can click on the results to listen (just like finding any other song in a Google search).

Google’s new feature

“A simple explanation is that the melody of a song is like its fingerprint: each has its own unique identity,” said Google Blog. “We have built a machine learning model that can hum, blow, or sing you. The melody matches the correct’fingerprint’.”

Google said the feature uses its machine learning model to “convert audio into a number-based sequence that represents the melody of the song” and then compares it with existing songs. The company said that they will use “a variety of sound sources, including human singing, whistling or humming, and recording studio recordings” to train these models, stripping away content such as instruments and sound quality, and focusing only on digital sequences. Therefore, whether you are the five-tone incomplete or the king of karaoke, the function of “Humming and Recognizing Songs” can work.

It’s also worth noting that this new search feature is only available in English on iOS and in 20 different languages ​​on Android. According to Google Blog, it will be expanded to more languages ​​in the future.

How to use Google’s song to find the new function of “Humming Songs

The specific operations are as follows:

  • Enter Google App, click Google search widget or call up Google Assistant
  • Click the microphone button
  • Say “what is this song” or click the “search song” button
  • Or, if you are using Google Assistant, just say “Hey Google, what kind of song is this?”
  • Start humming, singing, or whistling
  • Once you stop making sounds, it starts searching
  • If successful, the page will pop up the correct song as the search result

Google’s new feature

The method used is very simple. Netizen Tegan Jones tested it by humming and singing, and it worked in most cases. Of course, Tegan joked, provided that his singing skills are still good~

Tegan just hum a few songs, recognizes the success of “Call Me Maybe” include Carly Rae Jepsen’s, Stupendium of “The Fine Print” and Doja Cat’s “Boss Bitch” including some of the songs.

Google’s new feature

However, as of the time of publication, this feature does not seem to work with Google search in the browser.

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