Google’s new “Fuchsia 1.0” hardware device is coming

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Google’s long-term operating system Fuchsia is one step closer to running on real devices, because a Bluetooth list shows that Nest Hub is running “Fuchsia 1.0”.

Over the years, we have been tracking the gradual progress of Fuchsia, from the incredibly innovative operating system user interface to the naked experience that pays more attention to security and performance. For a long time, Google has been testing and running Fuchsia on a considerable number of consumer devices, such as Google Pixelbook, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Recently, Fuchsia has gradually become the focus of public attention by opening the project to the public and starting its “release” cycle.

Now, a new Google device has appeared on the Bluetooth certification website – or more accurately, an old device will be re-listed. The newly launched device is the “Google Home Hub”, this 2018 device was later renamed “Google Nest Hub” – instead of the “Nest Hub 2nd Gen” released this year.

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However, this Nest Hub does not run on the usual Cast platform, but has a “software version number”, that is, “Fuchsia 1.0”. Considering that Fuchsia’s release cycle is underway, this “1.0” may refer to the original “M1” version, or it may just be a placeholder. For the “product site”, Google has included a link to the Fuchsia Bluetooth documentation.

This is not the first time Fuchsia has appeared in the Bluetooth Technology Alliance. The operating system’s Bluetooth software stack is code-named “Sapphire” (Sapphire) and was approved in the middle of last year. In fact, the earlier “Sapphire” information is mentioned in the list of the Nest Hub running Fuchsia now.

If you want to try Fuchsia on your Nest Hub hardware, it may not be possible. Naijatechnews is informed that retail version devices usually have security measures to prevent unsigned software from being installed. Unless Google launches an official version of Fuchsia for the Nest Hub – although the possibility is very small – your Nest Hub will only be able to run the Cast software it currently uses.

On the contrary, Google is more likely to perform limited operations on the Nest Hub hardware, especially for developers to modify to try the Fuchsia operating system and test their applications on real devices.

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