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Granny 3 Mod (Unlimited Lives) Apk
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June 5, 2021
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Granny 3 Mod (Lives)

Granny 3 Mod Apk If you’re a fan of horror games and like the thrill and excitement, you’ve come to the right place. Introducing Game Granny 3 and published by Game Publisher DVloper, a publisher has released a series of horror games on mobile platforms such as GrannyGranny Chapter two, And a series of horror games and gets many players’ attention. The game was launched after the success of Part 1 with many new attractions that attract players. The game has been released for gamers only but has received positive feedback from gamers, such as 10,000 downloads and nearly 3,000 reviews and comments, including lots of gameplay definitions for gameplay.


Attract players through thrilling stunts. The game has also been rated as high as 4.9 * on Google Play. The above parameters have shown the attention of the players as well as the interesting enthusiasm that the game has to attract the players. Brings Download now to feel the horror of this game that will make all your hair stand on end.

Save yourself from granny, grandpa & Slendrina

Although designed in the style of 3D graphics, the manufacturer has made it as simple as pixels to enhance the horror and draw of the game. The graphics in the game are straight angles. To feel the fear, players will play in the first context to honestly sink into the character. Speaking of the game context, the player will wake up at night in a deserted bungalow in the middle of a deserted forest. In the middle of the night.

In the last light of night and the dim light, the bungalow shone only a little. The wooden house is old-fashioned with loud noises every time you step on it, the furniture is also very old and if you want to win the game. You have to hide in the house for five days without being caught in the pursuit of Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina.

Face the Granny, Grandpa & granddaughter Slendrina

The most important thing is that if you do not want to face the granny, no noise. She can hear everything that happens in her neighborhood so remember to leave nothing. The effects in the game are also made much easier, such as gore effects. Shooting is made easier, but not only does it make the game less attractive, but it is what makes the game so scary.

The third in the game is a sad and terrifying style, mystery and drama. Destruction has been issued, the breaths of exhaustion are incredibly clear and pure. No need for awesome graphics, no need for tricky effects. The above has made a brand of a famous horror game.

Granny 3 New Character

Contrary to the loneliness of Part 1, Granny and Grandpa have now found another companion on the way to hunt and eat these young men. Slendrina is a young girl and the grandmother and husband of Grandpa. They all went crazy after the mysterious disappearance of their daughter and granddaughter that they both loved the most. After this loss, he no longer lived in his palace and locked himself in a deserted house between a desert and a remote forest.

Slendrina can’t listen to Granny, but once he’s caught, it hurts a lot. Slendrina has been added to increase the game’s difficulty, and players can choose only one or two on the game screen to increase fear and excitement.

Get help from hammers, guns, and keys

With accessories, you get things like hammers, guns, and keys in the game; when you get up on the third day in the basement, you will need a hammer to break down the door, and a gun is very important to you. It will be helpful Much in the process of escaping.

If you hit grandma, grandpa, or granddaughter Slendrina, they have to be motionless for 3 seconds. Your most precious time will be when you manage to escape somewhere else before you wake up and continue your hunt. Horrible and scary experience is what a horror game must-have. This Granny 3 Mod Apk will bring those feelings to you.

Granny 3 Mod Overview

One of the games that have just entered the Android platform, produced by the DVloper studio, which is famous for such games, which I think you should try if you like horror, escape and puzzle games. Your goal is to escape from monsters, solve mysterious events and find the way out with the character you control, due to the general difficulties experienced inside Granny 3. Therefore Mod Apk offers Unlimited Lives.

So you can enjoy the game to the fullest, easily collect the items in the house and find the escape route. Tips to follow, different items to interact with, scary enemies, and more are waiting for you. The graphics are 3D, and the sound quality is good. Control provided with two fingers.

Note: There is no Granny in the game. It stands still on the lower floors. If you go near it, it will not attack.



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