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Commander! The Roman Republic is on the rise, and many powerful nations around it will fight against you for supremacy. A war is imminent.
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May 14, 2021
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Great Conqueror Rome MOD (Gold/Medal)

Great Conqueror Rome MOD APK, The traditional Roman Empire was thought of… As probably the most highly effective empires in the historical past. Are you aware of friendly commanders like Caesar and Augustus with two Tam Hung regimes that made… The Roman empire sturdy and seemingly without opponents? Great Conqueror: Rome will convey you again to Rome’s most flourishing time. You’ll have the chance to face aspect by aspect with one of the best commanders in battle and with them. To beat the ups and downs of the historical past. Up to now, the action of Constantinople marked the autumn of Rome by the Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless, you may entirely change this historic landmark and develop an extra highly effective Roman with Rome’s Great Conqueror.



Background of the Great Conqueror: Rome was in-built 753 earlier than Christ to 509 earlier than Christ. When the Roman Empire entered the Roman Republic. The Roman Empire was only a little empire, probably not rising. They usually had been actively constructing the military. Round Rome is a highly effective empire conquering Rome and uniting Rome to change into a part of its territory. They’ll flip the individuals of Rome into slaves and exploit them to exhaustion. You’re the head of Rome that you must defend your environment and its individuals.

Great Conqueror Rome Gameplay

Great Conqueror: Rome is a method of recreation – simulation. Tron this recreation, the participant turns into the Roman Empire’s chief and the participant’s job… Is to construct his nation to change into practically the most highly effective. It is advisable to build a military to defend the dominion, resist invasions from different empires. And you’ll convey your army to overcome various empires and merge into your kingdom…

By way of a preventing mechanism, you’ll not have to manage the characters to battle. However, each agency will happen within the type of simulation, recreating the battle completely. Nevertheless, Great Conqueror: Rome is a tactical recreation. So the outcomes of the actions rely primarily on your techniques of utilizing troops.

Many enticing recreation modes

Great Conqueror: Rome has three recreation modes to select Marketing campaign mode, conquest mode, and exploratory mode. The marketing campaign regime will recreate many historic battles spanning Africa, Europe. And Asia, and you’ll see how Rome’s method has grown into a substantial empire. You may be commanded by your military and participate in massive battles, just like the Punic Struggle. The Spartacus Rebel, The Conquest of Gaul, Caesar’s Civil Struggle, Antony’s Civil Struggle. The Jap Conquest, The conquest of Germany, and extra.

Great Conqueror Rome Conquest mode

You’ll conquer highly effective empires from the Mediterranean to the British Isles in this mode. Right here, the Egyptian and Carthage establishments, the Gaul tribes, the German peoples, the Jap Empire are rising strongly, and they’re attempting to realize management of the whole area. In this mode, you’ll have the chance to take part in historical battles such as the Punic Struggle of the Roman Republic, Caesar’s primary triumvirate, and the Second Triumvirate of Augustus. You may construct overseas insurance policies and create relationships with different empires to unfold and collectively increase territory. Nevertheless, this regime’s wars can be fierce and seemingly impossible to finish if you can’t unify the kingdoms.

Features of Great Conqueror Rome Mod Apk game

  • Cultivate unique commanders, match skills freely, be flexible, and control the battlefield.
  • Support cloud archives and your progress can be synchronized when changing the device. The safety of your archives is protected.
  • Conquest Mode supports the rankings in the Google Play. Capture more territories with less time and generals.

Great Conqueror Rome Adventurous mode

In this mode, you’ll lead your whole military and cause them to discover many alternative lands. At each second, you may encounter difficulties and risks by the assault of one other army. You must use techniques and deploy forces in an ingenious solution to restrict losses. This mode brings you new challenges and new difficulties. Are you able to win the gifted navy’s title and conquer essentially the most highly effective empires?

The Senate

The Senate is a part of the Roman Empire. It was established very early and was a spot for councilors to advise the king and, besides, a place to elect new Roman kings. Every single day, the Senate will challenge duties so that you can carry them out. Prepare troopers to enhance fight expertise, improve expertise for generals, recruit new troopers models reminiscent of cavalry, archers, and navy, … Each time you complete missions, You’ll obtain invaluable rewards offered by the Senate. You may also construct historic buildings such because the Arc de Triomphe, the Nice Faculty, the Temple of the Gods, and extra!

Great Conqueror Rome Summary

Strategy, history, and war games for our visitors who like to add up-to-date production of the Android platform produced by EasyTech company are some of the popular games. Your goal is to fight against rival states on your map with your commanders and your army, expanding and defending your territory. Due to financial problems and general difficulties inside the game. Therefore Mod Apk offers Unlimited Medals.

So you can enjoy the game a little more, you can unlock all generals, you can quickly improve. Wars from natural history, famous commanders, large maps, and more are waiting for you. Commanders like Ceasar, Pompey, Antony, Octavian, and Spartacus – warriors will be at your fingertips. In Great Conqueror Rome’s current version, new battles have been added, and bug fixes have been made. The graphics are 3D, and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with two fingers.

Mod Info APK:

You have to log in to Facebook in the mod APK file. If you have trouble logging in, just read the description in the installation section. On some devices, you may get the “Unable to Open File” error. Use the file manager on your device to enter the downloads or download folder and open it. It will be installed without any problem.

What's new

1.11 artifact equipment and 2 military uniforms added
2.Supply package added
3.Adjusted the difficulty of some levels
4.Reduced the required EXP for upgrading generals
5.Required military rank for wearing equipment no longer needed
6.Cancelled the restriction of the city center level on the urban area level
7.Cancelled the regular refresh of equipment in the store
8.Added the function of exchanging corresponding scrolls with medals when upgrading skills


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