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Greenify PRO APK is an entirely free application for Android (iPhone, Android, etc.) which helps you identify poor-performing apps and put them into sleep mode when you’re not using them. There is no need to mail your Android device to use Greenify PRO APK. Only if your device is rooted, then the application gets the capacity to perform even more.

Greenify PRO APK a free download app for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows users to clean their digital products. Greenify PRO APK cleans all of your digital products such as digital cameras, iPods, computers, and printers to get rid of harmful toxins and chemicals that damage your health.


Greenify PRO APK removes all of these toxins and chemicals by scanning each product and determining what it is made of. Then it releases harmful chemicals and toxins with a simple rinse cycle. After the process is complete, you will have beautiful, new smelling digital products at your fingertips.

The first time you use Greenify PRO APK, it will scan your computer, phone, and other digital products. After the scan, it will show you which items to remove and which ones to leave alone. The program will also tell you how many cycles it will take to clean all of your items. Go to the menu and choose the number of cycles it will take to clean your items. It is recommended you use the “hibernation” feature on your phone or the sleep/wake-up option in your iPod for the best results.

How Greenify PRO APK works?

This free application monitors activity in the background processes and reports back to you on how many activities are running, how long they are running, and how many CPU tasks they are doing. It will then give you a detailed overview of the activities going on in the background and what is causing the delay in your battery life.

Greenify PRO APK can analyze your CPU’s speed, the amount of memory used, and other parameters. By monitoring your battery, you can fine-tune your phone’s performance and see if any apps are causing lag in its implementation.

Check why your battery might be draining so much?

There are several reasons why your battery might be draining so much even though you’re not using your phone. Some of these reasons include apps that are not adequately uninstalled from your app list, incomplete downloads, and viruses. Greenify PRO APK has a straightforward and easy interface so that anyone can use it.

You should only need a rooted Android device to use the free app. You can then download the Greenify PRO APK to detect and hibernate the different apps running in the background and drain their battery life.

How we can use Greenify PRO APK

To use this application, first, you need to turn off the Greenify PRO APK on your phone. Then, go to the “Settings” menu and click on “Settings.” You should then click on “Hibernation.” Now, you should set the frequency that your phone will hibernate to keep your battery life from being drained by running many apps simultaneously.

One thing to note is that there are some differences between the accessible version of the Greenify donate and the pro version. The pro version will monitor your battery life and let you choose which apps to hibernate too. It also has advanced features such as an option to schedule your scans. It would be best to download the pro app to get all these advanced features.

A series of Greenify, Greenify PRO & Greenify Donate

The free version of the Greenify PRO APK will do the primary job of detecting and hibernating background processes running in the background. It will just tell you which processes are running and how many. This will tell you which apps to stop. However, if you’re looking for ways to improve your battery life, this is not an excellent option to choose. Not only will it tell you which processes to run, but it will also tell you which ones to kill off to extend your battery life.

There is a much better option to look into when it comes to speeding up your phone and extending its battery life. That option is to look into Greenify PRO APK. This is not an app like hibernate apps. It will perform a scan right when your phone sends out signals for incoming data or activities. This way, it will perform scans of common apps running in the background and let you decide which of them to suspend or kill.

Works well with all types of apps

Users have reported excellent results with Greenify PRO APK because it works well with all types of apps. Even the most popular apps such as FaceTime, PowerPoint, and Picsart Gold APK will run smoothly under the Greenify PRO APK system. Even if you have the most powerful computer on the planet, the app should still work great. There are no known compatibility issues between the iPod Touch, iPhone, and any PC or Mac. All other digital devices, including the HTC Wildfire, will not run at all on the app.

The most prominent feature of the Greenify PRO APK is the floating action button. This button determines which app is currently running, and then it will either restart that app or put it into a hibernation state. While in a hibernation state, that app will not be running any activities.

If you want to open it, all you have to do is press the floating action button. This will kill all of the running applications on your phone immediately so that you don’t have to worry about losing all of your data since everything will go back to where it was before you started the scan.

Safe & Secure

Greenify PRO APK is entirely safe to use and does not require any downloading. You do not need to install any additional settings or applications. Greenify PRO APK will detect whether you are rooted or non-rooted and will allow you to either remove the greenish app from your device or completely lock your device.

Nothing can modify the files on your device. Once the app has been completely removed, your data will be backed up immediately. This ensures that even if you accidentally deleted or lost your data, you still have access to it on another computer. You also do not need to reset the power button immediately once the app is removed.

Auto turning off

The one feature that most people have found very helpful is automatically turning off the Greenify PRO APK background. As you probably know, most applications are not designed to work well on a mobile device such as an Android device. Most of them will either crash or just run very slowly due to not utilizing all of the CPU resources they have available.

Greenify PRO APK Summary

Besides, most people will find no difference between the screen capture results from the native apps versus the Greenify PRO APK. If you want to create high-quality graphics to share with family and friends, you can certainly do so using the Adobe Elements package.

While you may find that most people will prefer to use these graphics with the native options, you will still be able to take advantage of high-quality pictures on the go if you want to. As you can see, there are quite a few pros and cons to the Greenify PRO APK, which hopefully has given you a better understanding of whether or not it would be right for you.

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