Guide Elden Ring: which relic to choose at the beginning of the game

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Elden Ring: which relic to choose at the beginning of the game.Which relic to choose at the very beginning of the game – a sword key, a golden seed, a medallion, an arcane branch, or something else?.

Interearth is a dangerous place, so the developers decided to simplify the task a bit by allowing you to choose one of the gifts (relic) when creating a character. Each Elden Ring relic provides a special benefit, and the gift is best chosen based on the chosen class. All of these special items do pretty much the same thing as items in the Dark Souls games: a Crimson Amber Medallion replaces a Life Ring, a Golden Seed replaces an Estus Shard. There is even a special xiphoid key that will allow you to open the treasury. If you want to complicate the task, you can simply refuse any gift, or choose one that causes aggression in enemies. Let’s look at all the proposed relics and figure out which one will be better for beginners.

During the Elden Ring character creation process, you can choose a starting relic, which will make the game a little easier. Similar to Dark Souls grave gifts, these items range from free upgrades to items and keys that can be used later in the game. Here are all the relics available in Elden Ring at character creation:

  • Crimson Amber Medallion : A Crimson Amber medallion that increases your maximum health points.
  • Rune of Inter-earth : gold of grace that shines in the eyes of the inhabitants of Inter-earth. Allows you to get a lot of runes. Runes are an in-game currency used for purchases and character leveling, among other things.
  • Golden Seed : A golden seed from the Interearth. Fortifies sacred flasks that restore health or focus points.
      • Fanged Imp Ashes : Ashes of tiny imps. They say spirits live in it.
      • Cracked Pot : Three self-healing cracked pots. Container for certain items.
      • Sword Key : Two sword-shaped stone keys. The key breaks the seal on imp statues, but cannot be used again.
      • Arcane Branch : Five sacred branches full of power. This power is said to come from the demigod Michella.
      • Boiled Shrimp : Five pieces of boiled shrimp meat. Increases resistance to physical damage.
    • Shabriri’s Oath : An insane likeness of an aristocrat who has had his eyes removed. Provokes the enemy during combat.
  • There are many gifts to choose from, but not all will make the game easier. The Golden Seed in Elden Ring will provide an extra “charge” for a flask of health or focus points, and it’s a really powerful starting buff. The arcane branch will allow you to charm enemies five times to fight for you. this can be a very powerful buff if you choose the right opponents.

    However, I think the best gift/heirloom when creating a character is two xiphoid keys, since it’s much easier to find golden seeds. These keys are rare items throughout the game. You can use them on a stone imp to open a passage that leads to some secret place, a new boss, or worthy loot. There is such a passage already at the very beginning of the game, and it leads to the hero’s dungeon. This is probably the hardest dungeon in the Graveyard, with a very powerful boss, especially if you try to kill him early in the game.

  • On the other hand, you can get great rewards in this dungeon – an item that allows you to summon the friendly NPC Oleg, a golden seed, a powerful talisman and a lot of runes that can be spent on leveling. If you are looking for challenges and rewards, I recommend choosing the xiphoid key. Otherwise, take the golden seed. Fanged Imp Ashes are a fun option, but first you need to find a summoning bell. But by the time you receive it, you will already have found another summoning ashes. For example, a lone wolf.


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