Guide: How to block all advertisements on the web

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Block Adverts

Do you want to permanently block advertisement on the web? Are you tired of the banners, popups, and advertisements that appear every time you open a web page?

Don’t worry, I will explain how to block advertisements on the web by browsing from DesktopAndroid smartphone, and iPhone. In addition to websites, you will see how to block advertisements on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Read this guide and you will understand how to stem the problem by taking advantage of the security and privacy options offered by browsers and installing services that can block all forms of advertising.

Are you ready? If you want to find out how to block Internet advertisements, all you have to do is continue reading this guide.

Do you want to delete Popups without Add-ons in the browser? It can be done even if it is not 100% effective and the systems always find a way to sneak onto your computer. All browsers integrate a Pop-up blocking mechanism.

On Internet Explorer you can activate it by clicking on Internet Options, on the Privacy tab in the window and finally selecting the Activate Pop-up Blocker item.
On Chrome, you can activate it by clicking on SettingsDisplay Settings, AdvancedSetup contained in the section Privacy and then not allow the display of pop-ups (recommended).
On Mozilla Firefox, you can activate it by clicking on Options, then on the Contents tab and finally on the checkbox Block pop-up windows.
On Opera, you can activate it by clicking on Settings, then the link to sites web, and then click Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended).

How to install AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is an add-on that is installed in the browser to add new features. Available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, to install it you need to connect to the website The site itself will offer you the right installation for your browser. The only thing you need to do is press the Install for button and then + Add to.

As soon as it is installed, AdBlock Plus is already preconfigured to block malicious advertisements. Its activation is discreet: you will be able to notice its existence by the presence in the upper right corner of a small red icon with a small number inside, which indicates how many advertisements have been blocked on the page just opened in the browser.


By browsing a site, you can also decide yourself to block annoying advertisements by clicking on the AdBlock Plus icon and in the new window that opens click on Enabled on this site to disable it. If you want to block a specific element on the page, you can click Block option.

Adblock Plus Options
Adblock Plus Options

If despite everything you continue to see advertisements on web pages then click on the program icon and then on Options to access the configuration page. Look for the option Allow some inappropriate advertisements and click on it to deselect it. If this option is enabled, it lets through some advertisements deemed non-invasive or harmful to your privacy. To view the list of sites authorized to show their advertising, click on the Permitted domains tab to find the list in the center of the page; the sites are displayed without the ” www ” in front of the name.

You can remove authorized sites at any time, just select one and click the Remove Selected button.

Stop malware

With AdBlock Plus you can also protect yourself from malware and act as an anti-malware. Just activate it by adding the domains known to be malware spreaders to the list of blocked items. Open the options of AdBlock Plus, go to tab lists filters, and type Anti Malware in the field Title of the subscription and the string in the Web address of the filter list.

How to block “Media Buttons”

The Media Button are those buttons through which you can share content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Although they seem harmless, these buttons actually pumping verses given their servers, allowing organizations that manage them to create a navigation profile thanks to which you can view targeted advertisements while you browse. To avoid this, you can have AdBlock Plus filter them by opening the options and entering a mnemonic name in the Subscription Title field, for example, Anti Media Button and in the Web address field.

Another fundamental element in AdBlock Plus is to block the tracking operated by the sites that analyze our navigation, in order to make it safe and private. To do this, open the options, enter Subscription title, and in the Web address field.

How to block advertising on Facebook

AdBlock Plus is a useful tool to block elements even on the very popular social network Facebook. Connect to the page you can choose what to block. There are three choices:

  • Block all Facebook Annoyances: delete virtually everything (ads in the sidebar, in the news and on the wall);
  • Block only sidebar Annoyance: blocks advertising in the sidebar;
  • Block only news feed Annoyances: acts on the newsfeed, the central part with the posts.
Adblock Types
Adblock Types

How to block Twitter advertising

Twitter by default displays targeted advertisements based on the content you are interested in, sharing information about your clicks on tweets with its business partners, without sharing any personal information. The goal is to push you to click on the proposed contents so that you can cash out more.

If you don’t like it, you can click on the gear icon on the bar at the top right, and then on

Security and Privacy Settings and deselect the item Customize ads based on information shared by advertising partners by clicking on it.

How to block advertising on Android smartphones

AdBlock Plus can also be installed on Android smartphones and tablets without root. Go to Settings> Applications or Security (depends on the type of smartphone) and step on the Unknown sources option to allow the installation of applications not downloaded from Google Play. If you don’t have a QR Code reader, install it from the Play Store (e.g. QR Droid).

Adblockplus Android
Adblock plus for Android

Once this is done with the computer browser connected to the web page, activate the QR Code reader of the smartphone and point it at the code you see on the PC monitor. The URL from which to download the application will appear on the smartphone. Tap on it and then confirm with OK, then open the notification bar (the one at the top, dragging it down with your finger) and stop on the name of the file you just downloaded to start the installation. Step Install and at the end press Finish. Small note: if your phone has not been rooted, AdBlock Plus will only block web advertising if you connect via Wi-Fi.

If you connect to the Internet from a Wi-Fi network, you will need to configure the proxy so that everything that arrives on your phone from the Internet is first filtered by AdBlock Plus. To do this, enter the list of apps and start AdBlock Plus by tapping on its icon. At the first launch, the app will automatically select the list with the advertisements to be blocked based on the user’s country and will enable the option relating to Acceptable Ads, i.e. acceptable advertisements. Stop on OK to access the configuration page. Now you need to fix the proxy configuration. Tap on Configure at the top, then on Open Wireless Settings. Search for the network you are connected to (usually it is the one with the word Connected ), press and hold on it, then stop on Edit network. Scroll through the new window until you find the item Show advanced options and tap on it. Scroll to Proxy Settings, stop on the arrow below and select Manual.

In the Proxy Hostname field write Localhost and in the Port field write 2020, then press Save. Now when you connect to any site via Wi-Fi, the ads will be removed.

How to block advertising on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Blocking ads on iOS, therefore on iPhone, iPad, and iPod mobile devices is more complex. Download AdBlock for iOS, it is an alternative browser that integrates technologies that can block pop-ups and online advertisements.

The free version allows you to block advertisements for a limited period of time, then you have to purchase the paid version (€ 3.99). Using AdBlock for iOS is not the only thing you can do on iOS, for example, to limit or block the ability of ad networks to track your browsing habits, you can open the iOS device settings, find the Safari tab and enable the Do Not Detect option. You will be able to choose what to block in the default options and pop-ups as well. At this point go to the Privacy option and from Location set to OFF the slides that allow apps to identify your location.

How to block flash video ads

If instead, you want to delete those flash videos that start automatically while you are browsing even if you have not touched them, you can install the add-on, available for Chrome and Mozilla, Flashblock.

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