Heatbit Heater Not Only Heats Your Home But Also Mines Crypto

We have an obsession with combining various tasks to shorten time. This is a natural intention as we can’t manage the time. Sometimes this idea might refer to spheres that seem to have nothing in common. For instance, what if you could have a heater that also mines crypto to offset the monthly electricity bills? If you think these two are not compatible, then you should know that there is such a product available for purchase. The Heatbit heater is what we mean.

Heater That Mines Crypto


According to the company, the Heatbit heater has the following advantages:

  • compactness (about the size of a PC or stereo speaker);
  • low noise (works quieter than a refrigerator, producing up to 42 dB at full power);
  • high power — 1.4 kW;
  • the ability to mine up to 14 TH/s.

In fact, everything began in 2021 when the brand launched a Kickstarter campaign. The first products commenced shipping in October 2022. As of early 2023, they have managed to sell nearly 1,000 units worldwide. The price of the heater is $1,199.

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The Heatbit heater looks like other high-end products. But there are circuits inside that process bitcoin transactions almost silently and perform trillions of calculations per second. So it can not only mine a bitcoin (thanks to the Nicehash bitcoin mining pool) but also heat.

It’s enough to heat 46m². Best of all, if you use the heater 24 hours a day, it will put $30 back into your pocket.

Other Products That Can Mine Bitcoin Are On The Way

What’s more interesting, the author of the heater is planning to make other products with the same purpose. One of his ideas refers to heated toilet seats that also mine bitcoins. He is also thinking about water heaters and dishwashers that can mine crypto.