Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria (January, 2022)

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One of the most important gadgets in the living room is a set of home theatre speakers. In fact, the living room setting is incomplete without it. Apart from the fact that it boosts the sound of the television and gives it a feel of perfection whenever you watch movies, listen to music or watch your favourite programs on television, the home theatre, like the name implies, literarily sets you room as a sound theatre and boosts your overall sound experience.

Home theatre makes everything feel better. From the kick of a football in a soccer match, the least audible bass in a song, even to the sound of a dropping needle in a movie, the home theatre captures everything, and even more. In you are a lover of good music, then a home theatre isn’t just an option for you, it is a necessity. No matter how amazing the sound of your TV is, it can never take the place of a home theatre, a good one in that.

You will expect Nigerians to fall in love with this gadget with their love for great sound. There is no need to question why it remains one of the most sought after home gadgets in Nigeria. You can rarely go to a house without seeing one. I mean, what is the essence of a TV without great sound. The amazing thing about this is that you don’t even need to have a TV to use it. They are available in different types, sizes and classes. Latest designs even support Bluetooth, which means you can play songs with your phone without USB connected to the sound system.

Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Popular Brands of Home Theatre in Nigeria

Home theatre sound systems undoubtedly have the floor in gadget market in Nigeria. They are regarded as one of the must have gadgets and based on their exploit so far, one can comfortably say they are one of the most in-demand gadgets today.

They are available in different sizes, designs, classes and sound quality levels. While some popular electronic brands have ruled this market over the years, some new generation companies are beginning to make wave with unique high-tech designs and mouth-watering sound quality. Let us take a look at some of the popular brands and how much their sound systems go for in the market in 2018.

Sony Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

Sony is one of the oldest and arguably one of the most reliable sound systems ever. Their sound quality is impeccable and their durability is just amazing. Sony home theatres are so strong and are dynamic in their functionality. Unlike some other sound systems, Sony home theatres don’t need a high voltage to operate. The sound system is easy to use and guarantees amazing overall experience. They are available in different sizes, shapes and vary in sound output quality. Here are prices of some of the most popular models.

  • Blu-Ray 3D 1200w 3D Sony home theatre: N465, 000 – N480,000
  • 3D BDV 1000W Sony home theatre: N195,000 – N200,000
  • DAV TZ140 Sony home theatre: N50,000 – N70,000
  • X10D Sony home theatre: N235, 000 – N250, 000
  • HT-CT 290 Sony home theatre: N99, 000 – N120, 000
  • Blu-Ray Premium Sony home theatre: N340, 000 – N400, 000
  • BDV E6100 Sony home theatre: N278,000 – N300, 000
  • Bluetooth High Power Sony home theatre: N99,000 – N130, 000
  • DAV-TV 150 Sony home theatre: N82,000 – N110,000
  • 1000W 5.1 CH: N190,000 – N200,000

LG Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

Life’s good with LG. Their products speak for themselves. Just like Sony, LG are one of the early birds to stamp their authority in the electronics market. They are into other gadgets including TV, AC and lots more and register only outstanding products. No wonder they are held in such a high regard. The sound quality is wonderful and like Sony, they are designed to be compatible with an TV and can also work independent of Televisions. Prices of some of the most popular models are listed below.

  • Bluetooth AUD 547 LG sound system: N60,000 – N65, 000
  • Bluetooth HT358BI LG sound system: N24, 000 – N40, 000
  • LG 330 WTS sound System: N65,000 – N70, 000
  • Bluetooth ARX LG sound system: N100,000 – N110,000
  • Bluetooth LHD LG sound system: N80, 000 – N90, 000
  • Hifi Sound System: NN55,000 – N60, 000
  • HT505 LG sound system: NN45, 000 – N60, 000
  • ARX LG 4.2 LG sound system: N225, 000 – N270, 000
  • Party Audio DJ98 LG sound system: N160, 000 – N180,000
  • AUD 5500 ARX LG sound system: N183,000 – N200, 000
  • DH750TW Wireless LG sound system: N230, 000 – N250, 000
  • Audio 5ARX LG sound system: N105, 000 – N120, 000

Samsung Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

If you are a close follower of the gadget evolution in the country, you will surely know the impact of Samsung in the development of gadgets in Nigeria. Just like Sony and LG, Samsung was among the foundational gadget brands in Nigeria. And the fact that they still remain sought after till date only proves the quality of gadgets they produce. Sound quality is amazing and be sure to use their gadgets to full efficiency for years. Here are prices of some of their products.

  • Samsung HW-MS 550 Samsung Premium Stereo: N110,000 – N130,000
  • 1000W 5.1 Ch Bluetooth Samsung home theatre: N140,000 – N150, 000
  • MX-HS 9000 Giga Sound System: N270,000 – N300,000
  • Samsung 6.5 inches soundbar System: N80, 000 – N110,000
  • Samsung DVD Home Theatre HT-E330K: N70, 000 – N75,000
  • Samsung  Wireless 200W Audio Soundbar: N180, 000 – N200, 000
  • Samsung DVD Home theatre system HT-F453B: N110,000 – N120,000
  • Samsung karaoke Entertainment System: N105,000 – N110,000
  • Samsung Theatre MX-FS8000: N520,000 – N550,000
  • Samsung HT-E355 Home theatre system: N56,000 – N65,000

Bose Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

This is one of the later generation of gadgets in the country. Although not as popular as Sony and LG, Bose home theatre remains one of the most sought after home theatre sound systems when it comes to sound quality, easy maintenance and durability. Here are prices of their popular models.

  • Bose Home theatre 738516-1100 Lifestyle: N1.5 million – N2.0 million
  • Bose Cinemate 120 Wireless Home theatre: N1 million – N1.2 million
  • Bose Acoustrimass 5 series home theatre: N240,000 – N300,000
  • Bose 20 series Home Theatre: N150, 000 – N200,000
  • Bose Sound System V35: N1.2 million – N1.5 million

Prices of other brands in the market include:

DJACK Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

  • DJ Q3l Djack sound System: N15, 000 – N32, 000
  • DJ5060 Djack sound System: N32, 000 – N45, 000
  • DJ 403 Djack sound System: N20, 00 – N23, 000
  • DJF3L Djack sound System: N15, 000 – N20, 000
  • DJ 6083 Djack sound System: N46, 000 – N60, 000

Panasonic Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

  • SC-XH166GS Panasonic Home theatre: N76, 000 – N110, 000
  • SC-XH105GS Panasonic Home theatre: N68, 000 – N74, 000

Jiepak Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

  • JP-C1 Jiepak Home Theatre: N31, 000 – N35, 000
  • Heavy Duty with Bluetooth Jiepak sound System: N49, 000 –N56, 000
  • JP705 Jeipak sound System: N30, 000 – N40, 000

Polystar Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

  • PV-VT607 Polystar sound System: N24, 000 – N30, 000
  • PV520 Polystar sound System: N54, 000 – N60,000
  • PV12 Polystar sound System: N123,000 – N150, 000
  • Polystar Mini Hifi Sound System: N40, 000 – N50, 000

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