Honor Hunter Gaming Book V700 Evaluation: The design and the degree of completion is high

It’s always time to come. On September 16th, Honor officially launched its first new game book-Honor Hunter Gaming Book V700. Although I don’t know why the number named for the first time is so big, but when I get the real phone , Still feel refreshing.

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IT House got the high-end version this time, using the combination of i7-10750H and RTX2060, then this set of U is the main dessert-level match, the specific performance quickly follow the water and look down.

Appearance and design

The overall style of the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 is very distinctive. This can be seen from the large mirror logo on the A side, and this Logo also supports RGB and light effect customization, which shows that it is really a gaming notebook. Shui Shui feels that this logo is a bit like a civilization symbol in some games. It is an old hunter once it is shot. Do you think it looks good?

In addition, there are no other decorative elements on the A side, all presented with a smooth black metal coating, which feels pretty good, but it is a bit contaminated with fingerprints. Near the hinge, the Honor Hunter gamebook V700 also made two arc-shaped designs, visually more compact.

In terms of body measurements, the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 is 369.7*253*19.9mm. Hey, this thickness is a bit attractive. After all, most of them are thin and light gaming laptops within 20mm. However, the bare metal weight of the Honor Hunter Gaming laptop V700 is 2.45KG, which still has some weight, which may be due to battery life and heat dissipation issues. We will do disassembly analysis later.

Open the A side, the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 supports one-handed opening and closing. At the same time, the upper part of the bottom plate of the D side will follow up to reveal the inner structure, and at the same time increase the air intake area to ensure better heat dissipation. Officials call this design a lifting wind valley system. Regardless of whether it is connected to a power source, as long as it is turned on, there are lamp beads on the inner sides of the padded bottom plate to trigger RGB lighting effects, making the overall vision more smart and cool , This group of lights also supports lighting effect customization and RGB synchronization.

Looking back at side B, the Honor Hunter V700 uses a 16.1-inch 1080P resolution LCD matte screen, supports 144Hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB color gamut, three sides ultra-narrow frame design, the frame part is made of plastic material, the top is centered There is a raised design to facilitate the opening and closing of the machine, and a 1080P resolution camera. The bottom center is the uppercase white Honor Hunter logo, and the B and C sides of the shaft are “cut off”. Two hollows are formed to further create a sense of suspension of the screen.

Through the AIDA64 query, it is found that the manufacturer of this screen panel is CMN, which is Innolux, and the panel model: N161HCA-GA1.

It is not difficult to further check the Panelook.com. It is not difficult to find that this screen has a brightness of 300 nits, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, a color display of 16.7 million colors, a 9ms screen response time and 137ppi. The basic screen quality is good.

In terms of color gamut, IT House tested by X-Rite i1 Display Pro Plus with DisplayCAL software. The measured sRGB color gamut coverage is 94.6%, and the color gamut coverage of Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 are: 66.1% and 68.1% respectively. . On the whole, the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 provides the largest screen size and good color display on the current 15.6-inch gaming notebook. The refresh rate and screen response time have also reached the standards of mainstream gaming screens.

The C-side design of the Honor Hunter game V700 is also quite distinctive. First, the circular power button is placed at the top center and close to the hinge, and it integrates the fingerprint recognition function, which can enter the system through the fingerprint login function of Win10 Hello. This is still relatively rare in game books. The keyboard part adopts a sunken design, and there is a hollow on the top of the sunken groove, but instead of the speaker opening, it can ventilate the internal space under the keyboard and reduce the surface temperature of the keyboard through air convection. The keyboard part has a small keyboard area, and some function keys on the traditional arrow keys are inherited to the left bottom of the small keyboard and arrow keys. There is an independent performance switch button in the upper right corner of the keyboard, which is very convenient.

The WASD keycaps and arrow keys have been highlighted in white, and the arrow keys are all full size, which is well received. ESC/F1, F4/F5, F8/F9 are all processed with interval processing, and the accuracy of blind operation is higher. In terms of the design and feel of the keycap itself, a single keycap adopts a double-sided concave design with a key stroke of 1.8mm. The key feedback is different from that of mainstream gaming keyboards. Special adjustments have been made. It feels that the trigger grams are larger. Suitable for games. The keyboard also supports four-zone RGB backlighting, and the lighting effects of each zone can be adjusted in the Honor Game Center that comes with the notebook.

In terms of touchpad, the Honor Hunter Gaming V700 combines its own ecological advantages. Not only does it have a large touch area, the press feedback is crisp, the surface is made of smooth metal, and it also integrates the NFC function. Users can use it to interact with Huawei/Honor The mobile phone is connected wirelessly and uses special functions such as multi-screen coordination to achieve a certain degree of efficiency improvement. For the entire C-side design, the only thing I want to complain about is that the surface materials of the wrist rest and the touchpad are easily contaminated with finger oil , Long-term use is not easy to clean up.

In terms of side interfaces, the heat dissipation vents on the left and right sides of the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 extend to the back of the fuselage, forming two 90-degree right-angle wrap-type heat dissipation designs. A blue decorative strip is also used in the middle of the heat dissipation vents. A total of 240 0.1mm ultra-thin heat sinks are integrated. In addition, the left side of the fuselage has a power interface, RJ45 network cable interface, USB2.0 Type-A interface and a 3.5mm audio interface;

On the right are the HDMI interface, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A interfaces and one Type-C interface, which support image and data transmission, and the interface types and numbers are relatively abundant.

The last is the D side. The left, right and bottom frames are all beveled. The bottom cover of the upper part can be detached separately. There are three non-slip rubber feet on the surface, eight exposed screws, and a set of left and right beveled bottoms. Speaker opening. In terms of overall design, Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 can be said to be an orthodox gaming notebook style, with a gaming screen, RGB logo and keyboard, and a lot of cushioned air intakes.

Configuration and performance

In terms of configuration, the Honor Hunter gaming laptop V700 closely follows the current mainstream gaming laptops. The specific hardware specifications are as follows:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H, 6 cores and 12 threads;
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060 (100W), 6GB video memory;
  • Memory: Two Hynix 8GB DDR4 2666MHz, dual-channel dual memory slots, up to 32GB;
  • Hard disk: Western Digital SN730 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD, dual M.2 hard disk slots;
  • Battery: 56Wh, adapter power 200W;
  • Others: Wi-Fi 6, cushioned wind valley cooling system, dual 12V hurricane supercharged dust removal fans, full blood mad fighting mode, keyboard ventilation design.

The overall feeling of Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 is still relatively willing to be on the hardware, especially the RTX2060 graphics card and enough memory and hard disk, and they are equipped with dual slots as standard, and the later expansion and upgrades are directly full, but it is also Therefore, a certain battery capacity is sacrificed, after all, the space of the body is limited. However, since this hardware combination is at the dessert level, we still have to see whether its performance can be worthy of the main heat dissipation selling point.

Before talking about performance, let’s take a look at the system first. When making computers, mobile phone manufacturers often use Internet thinking to develop the ecology between devices, and Honor is no exception. As the first Honor series gaming notebook, its built-in software experience is also of concern to many consumers. For example, the Glory Hunter Smart Control Game Center has a very simple and rude design and functions. First of all, the performance mode adjustment is directly on the left side of the homepage. There are three modes of quiet, balanced and frantic battle. The performance release increases in order. Below is the five-dimensional radar chart of the main capabilities of the game, and the right is some hardware status. Information monitoring, the interface is relatively intuitive and clear at a glance.

The second screen is the lighting effect adjustment function page. You can see that there are three tabs at the top, namely Logo light, keyboard light and Fenggu light. Each area can be adjusted independently, and some default lighting effect presets are given.

Finally, the setting page is presented in the form of a vertical two-level menu, which provides the main switch of lighting effects, disable the touchpad and Windows key, restore factory settings and other options. It can be seen that although the game center of this brand is not comparable to the top game, the ambition of Honor is not small.

In addition, the Honor Hunter V700 also has built-in Nahimic sound adjustment software, which can flexibly and deeply customize the sounds in several mainstream scenes, helping players have a better experience in scenes such as watching movies and games.

There is of course a relatively mature computer housekeeper in its own ecology, which is rare in other games. It consists of two parts, one is the notification center in the bottom bar and the other is the software homepage. In the notification center, you can view recently received software messages, power consumption information, documents, and clipboard history. The bottom also provides shortcut functions such as screenshots, screen recording, calculator, notepad, and mobile phone link, which are definitely better than the notification center that comes with Win10. Here is a small comment for Honor. In the game, players often need to take screenshots and screen recordings, so it would be better if the notification center can provide a shortcut hotkey.

The main body of the computer housekeeper is more like a toolbox with many functions. It can not only detect and update drivers, manage power, but also view documents, audio and video data on the phone through device interconnection, or directly operate the phone with multi-screen collaboration. ,Improve efficiency. Although these functions have limited effects on game players, they are undoubtedly very practical for many computer novices or users who want to do some productivity work on the game book.

Next we look at performance. First of all, in terms of CPU, the Honor Hunter V700 uses a 6-core 12-thread i7-10750H with a single-core turbo frequency of up to 5GHz. Let’s find out through CineBench running points. Its CineBench R15 single-core and multi-core runs are divided into 196 points and 1277 points, and the CineBench R20 single-core and multi-core runs are divided into 472 points and 2905 points, both of which are relatively satisfactory performance, and the performance scheduling of the frantic mode mainly reflects On the GPU, the performance mode improves the CPU more limitedly.

In terms of GPU, Honor’s first new gamebook uses the current mobile dessert-level graphics card RTX2060, and it still consumes 100W, which I never expected. Let’s look at the 3D Mark’s running score test first. The test environment is always in the frenzy mode and the best battery performance mode. Due to time constraints, we simply ran TimeSpy and FireStrike this time. The results of TimeSpy are relatively mainstream, and are comparable to the performance of the RTX2060 we tested before, but the total score and graphics score of FireStrike are slightly lower, and the average level should be 1.7W+. However, the Honor Hunter game V700 did not reach 1.5W after several runs. I don’t know what optimization has gone wrong.

Then let’s look at the performance of the actual game. Considering that the graphics card of the Honor Hunter V700 is 100W, the mainstream FPS online games basically have more than 100 frames, so we take the light pursuit performance as the main test point. IT House selected a total of two 3A games and two Light Chasing Demos this time. The same test environment is based on the mad combat mode and the best battery performance mode.

The first “Tomb Raider: Shadow”, runs at the highest quality of 1080P resolution by default, and the average frame number is 85 frames when the light tracking and DLSS options are not turned on, which is still very stable;

After turning on the high-level light tracking and DLSS, the average frame number at the highest quality preset is 53 frames. We tried to reduce the special effect preset to high. This time the average frame number can be stabilized at 61 frames.

The second “Metro: Escape”, 1080P resolution Ultra image quality does not turn on the light tracking and DLSS options, the average frame number is 51 frames; after turning on the light tracking and DLSS options, the average frame number has increased by one frame, which is indeed an old optimization The master.

The third is the light chase demo from “Bright Memory: Infinite”. The high RTX quality is turned on under 1080P image quality, and the DLSS quality level is performance. The final average frame number score given is 62. This light chase Demo has a good performance The requirements are still relatively high. If it is 80W RTX2060 or 65W RTX2060 Max-Q, it is basically unable to stabilize above 55 frames.

The fourth paragraph is our old friend Mihayou Addiction Fuka Light Chasing Demo. Why should we test this game? Because the company’s other game Yuanshen will be beta soon, friends who are interested in Yuanshen can refer to the performance of this demo to judge whether their PC is not suitable for playing Yuanshen. In the demo demo, the light chase is turned on by default. In the 1080P resolution, the average frame rate of the Honor Hunter V700 in the Normal image quality is about 54 frames, and it can be stabilized at 30 frames in the High image quality.

It should be noted that the official 1080P resolution, High quality and stable 60 frames recommended configuration is RTX2070 Super. In general, the game performance of the Honor Hunter game V700 is quite satisfactory. RTX2060 can give full play to the advantages of high refresh rate screen when dealing with mainstream FPS and Moba competitive online games. The popular 3A masterpiece is 1080P When playing at a resolution, you can also maintain a smooth and stable experience, but for some games, with light pursuit and DLSS enabled, you still need to reduce the special effects a little to get the best gaming experience.

Memory and hard disk

For the hard disk, we use CrystalDiskinfo to check. The hard disk model of the Honor Hunter V700 is WDC PC SN730, which is SN730 of Western Digital. The capacity is 1TB. The factory default is divided into two drive letters.

Many friends should know the quality of SN730. We directly show the results of CrystalDiskMark’s running score. The sequential reading and writing are all at 3100+ MB/s. The results of several other items are also good, which is completely enough for most users. If it is not enough, you can add another SSD.

In terms of memory, it can be seen through the AIDA64 test that the factory comes with two 8GB DDR4 2666MHz memories, and the running scores are more mainstream.

Heat dissipation and power consumption

Heat dissipation is also the selling point of the Honor Hunter game V700 this time. The effect is only determined by the results of the grill. Before testing, let’s remove the D side to see the heat dissipation structure inside. First, remove the 8 screws on the surface of the upper part of the upholstered bottom plate, and then remove the 12 screws on the surface and the inside of the second shell to completely remove the D board. Since the memory and hard disk cannot be disassembled and replaced directly after the upper part is removed, it will not be shown separately here.

It can be seen that the Honor Hunter game V700 uses a dual fan and three heat pipe design, two of which are 12V high-speed fans, and the area of ​​the fan blades is relatively large.

The area to the right in the middle is two memory slots, which are shipped with two 8GB DDR4 2666MHz Hynix memory;

In the lower right corner are two M.2 SSD slots, with a SN730 hard drive from Western Digital with a capacity of 1TB. There is also a rectangular speaker BOX module next to it.

The larger part in the lower right corner is a HUAWEI 56Wh battery.

This time, IT House conducted single-bake FPU, single-bake GPU and double-bake tests on this machine to see where its power consumption can be kept. Before the test, we turned on the wild war mode, the power option was set to the best performance, and the room temperature was 26 degrees. In the FPU single-bake test, the CPU temperature is stable at 87 degrees, the power consumption at this time is 60W, and the frequency is maintained at 3.5Ghz;

In the single-baked GPU test, the temperature of the graphics card was 69 degrees, the frequency was 1365MHz, and the power consumption was 100W; the CPU was affected by the series heat dissipation, and the temperature also reached 87 degrees.

The last step is the double-bake link. At this time, the power consumption of the CPU and GPU are stabilized at 45W and 100W respectively, the CPU temperature is 87 degrees, the GPU temperature is 74 degrees, the CPU frequency is reduced to 3.0Ghz, and the GPU frequency reaches the highest value of 1440MHz. Overall, in addition to the higher temperature of the CPU in the single-bake GPU session, the overall power consumption and heat dissipation performance of the Honor Hunter Gaming V700 is still very good, and no matter how the baking machine is, the highest temperature of the keyboard surface has never been More than 33 degrees, which is more powerful.

to sum up

The Honor Hunter Gaming Book V700 is a more thoughtful product, both in terms of design and completion. Moreover, the first-generation products defined a relatively distinct main selling point, namely blue RGB and a full range of cooling systems. But it may be because of the first time, the performance of the Honor Hunter gamebook V700 in the hardware running segment is not particularly good, especially the processor part does not use i7-10875H, which is a pity. However, in terms of game performance and cooling performance, the Honor Hunter Gaming V700 is still very stable, and the keyboard feel is also very impressive. Those who are interested in this game can go to the physical store to experience it in person, and then decide whether to buy it.

Reviewed by Shui

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