Hotstar Mod (Premium/Vip/Subscription)

Hotstar is an Indian monthly subscription video-on-demand streaming service operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. A subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company in the United States. It offers a huge library of movies and shows from all genres, including adventure, kids, family, classic, international and animation, sports, and more. Many movie channels from different cable and satellite providers are accessible through Hotstar.


Hotstar has two types of membership options which are free and premium. A free account is available for anyone who would like to try Hotstar for free & one is Hostar VIP.

Hotstar Premium

Using Hotstar Premium, you can watch as many Hotstar channels as you want for a given period for a premium account. You can either choose to subscribe to the Hotstar premium plan for unlimited access to over 100 channels. Choose the free version to watch as many TV shows as you want for a given period. Both the subscription options provide a similar experience.

Hotstar VIP

Hotstar VIP Subscription: The Hotstar VIP subscription is priced at $2.99 daily and has a one-month free trial period. You can receive four hours of Hotstar On Demand TV with the free trial period, beginning on the day you subscribe. You’ll be able to see all of the popular Hotstar shows, including Disney’s hit series, “The Great Mouseketeers,” as well as classic Hotstar movies and favourites like “The Lawnmower Man.” On the days when there isn’t a movie scheduled, you can catch up on all of your favourite TV shows at any time you want, with no blackout periods. So far, Hotstar has successfully implemented the subscription service across India, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Hotstar IPTV

Hotstar provides a gateway to watch television online in India, especially for those people residing in India. One of the first IPTV services launched in India and has gradually grown into one of the leading IPTV services available in the world. Hotstar offers a wide variety of Indian and international premium TV shows, including news, dramas, children’s shows, documentaries, sports, cooking, home shopping, cartoons, and more. This has made Hotstar a favourite among television viewers in India and the rest of the world.

Download for Android, IOS (iPhone) & Pc (Desktop)

Hotstar is accessible both on the web and through the free content apps available from the iTunes App Store. The free content is only provided on the app, while subscriptions are available through the website. You can use Hotstar from both the Hotstar website as well as the iTunes App Store. If you like to stream live television on your iPhone, you can download the free app and use Hotstar to enjoy your favorite American TV shows and pay-per-view movies.

Hotstar promises a large variety of shows, with all the popular Disney themes and characters. The service is in its developmental stage and offers a sneak peek at what is to come next year and beyond. Hotstar guarantees the same excellent quality of video and audio that Hotstar had promised in January, but with added channels and a couple of exciting features. Hotstar promises to offer more innovative and entertaining ways to enjoy your favorite Disney content in the coming year.

Watch Hotstar free of cost

Hotstar has an international appeal among Disney’s global fans. The service is free of cost but with few restrictions and is a great value for money. Most of Hotstar’s shows are in English, but you will also find multilingual programs in different languages. Subscribers can watch TV shows and films in high definition too. This is not available with any other pay-per-view streaming service.

Hotstar is an Indian pay-per-view video-on-demand service operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. Hotstar offers many channels that include favorite Disney, Star Wars, animated films, and many other channels. It can be subscribed through any Disney-owned and operated website or by calling Disney Direct. Subscribers can enjoy watching TV shows. Movies live on the internet or a DVR (digital video recorder). Subscribers can even stream videos and music in real-time.

Watch videos on demand.

Hotstar Premium subscribers have access to numerous Hotstar On Demand videos, all in English and no other language. You can also stream music and other live events through Hotstar’s on-demand pay-per-view options, which are available across different countries and, for the first time, Canadian residents. Whether you’re a Hotstar Platinum member or a free content subscriber.

There’s never been a better time to begin enjoying the benefits of watching your favourite television shows and movies right from home, thanks to incredible savings on Hotstar Platinum and Hotstar Silver subscriptions and the option to sign up for Hotstar On-Demand and other premium subscription programs today!

Great service & great value of Money

Hotstar’s huge popularity is partly due to great service and a great value for money. As already mentioned earlier, Hotstar offers incredible value for money. Hotstar does not limit itself to a single country but tries to penetrate every part of India by launching new channels every day. Hotstar channels are available exclusively on geo-restricted dates, and you must have a broadband internet connection to watch the shows. Other than that, all the Hotstar channels are available for subscribers of all plans, including the cheapest plans of India.

Hotstar TV offers good bandwidth and has secured its position on the Indian roads as a leading television service provider. Hotstar’s subscriber base is increasing daily in India, thanks to a great marketing strategy. Hotstar’s reach is rapidly expanding in the Asian markets. With the launch of the brand’s newest channels on it and IPTV, Hotstar has successfully expanded its services. With the help of Hotstar’s amazing deals and offers and amazing network infrastructure, Hotstar UK has become the best choice for customers.

Available in India, UK, Australia, and other European countries

Hotstar TV is available in India, UK, Australia, and other European countries. Hotstar offers Pay-Per-View and On-Air promotions. To cater to the international market, Hotstar has launched an iPhone version of Hotstar TV. Hotstar offers free streaming of popular channels, which is a great advantage for Hotstar subscribers.

Hotstar is not only popular among kids but also educational institutions in the USA and other European countries. The channel offers various educational channels, including science and nature, culture, history, current affairs, and education. All these channels are officially available in the App for iPhone and iPod Touch. Hotstar TV is an Apple iPod and iPhone compatible device and requires an account to be filled by the customer before the download process can begin.

Features of Hotstar Mod Apk

  • Hotstar On Demand is one of the popular features provided by the free VIP plan premium plan. Hotstar On Demand offers instant access to a huge variety of Indian movies and shows, including news, music, cooking, children’s shows, sport, comedy, drama, music videos, and more.
  • Watch Hotstar on demand through this free version of the service. Hotstar On Demand can be availed anytime you like, day or night, and you need not have an internet connection.
  • Hotstar On Demand is provided as a unique VPN or virtual private network that allows you access to thousands of Hotstar channels. To access On-Demand, you will need to subscribe with a Hotstar VPN Server. Once you have registered with the Hotstar VPN Service, you will access it On Demand from anywhere in the world.
  • Live cricket scores for all the leading live cricket match in different countries, including India. If you are looking for any other information about the demand service, you can contact customer service, and they will provide you with all the relevant details.
  • Thousands of hours of some of the most popular Indian Movies, Star TV Shows, Previews & Highlights of cricket and other sports, and the latest News.
  • By subscribing to Disney+ Hotstar VIP: Disney+ shows and movies in dubbed vernacular languages, unrestricted access to live sports (like Dream11 IPL, Premier League, Formula 1 and Tennis), the latest Star TV serials before they premiere on TV, latest Bollywood movies, our exclusive library of shows we’ve produced as Hotstar Specials.
  • Disney+ Hotstar Premium: everything in VIP & the latest American TV shows, Hollywood movies & Disney+ movies, shows and Originals in all languages, including English.

Servers support all US channels.

Hotstar allows its members to watch TV shows live or recorded from their Hotstar servers. Hotstar’s server supports all US channels, and they broadcast their programs through it. Online customers have free access to favourite TV shows or movies, so they don’t need any payment to watch their favourite programs. To watch

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