How can I increase my MoMo limit?

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How can I increase my MoMo limit?

Mobile Money transactions have significantly hijacked the payment ecosystem in Ghana. Almost everyone sees the need to use Mobile Money for transactions before the end of every day.

However, what most people don’t know is that there are limitations on the amount of money that can be transacted using your mobile money account. These figures are compartmentalized into daily, monthly, and total account balance limits.

The Daily limit is how much money can be sent and received within a day while the monthly is the total amount that can be received and sent through your mobile money account in a single month.

On the other hand, the account limit is the highest amount of money you can have in your account at every given time.

Fortunately, these amounts are quite considerable and okay depending on the volume of transactions you do.

The limits are further grouped into tiers.

Presently, MTN Mobile Money has 2 tiers. So, if you are on the first tier and you hope to increase your limit to a higher amount, you can request to be moved to the second tier.

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In the ensuing paragraphs, we look at the various tiers, their limits and how to apply to be moved to the next tier.

Mobile Money Tiers and Their Limits

As indicated previously, there are two tiers for MTN Mobile money accounts. They are the tier 1 and tier 2.

So, here we look at the various tiers and what their limits are.

Tier One Limits

Daily limits: GHS 2,000. You can only send and receive up to GHS 2,000 every 24 hours if you are on this tier.

Monthly Limits: GHS 20,000. For an entire month, you are expected to send and receive a cumulative sum of not more than GHS 20,000 under this Mobile Money tier.

Total Account Limit: GHS 10,000. At any given time or day, your account cannot hold money or balance exceeding GHS 10,000. The highest amount you can have in your account is exactly GHS 10,000.

Tier 2 Limits

Daily Limit: GHS 5,000.

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Monthly Limit: GHS 50,000.

Total Account Limit: GHS 20,000.

How To Increase Your Limit

Given that you are not pleased with the total volume of daily or monthly transactions you can easily request an upgrade on your account.

So the big question is, how do you request an account upgrade and what do you need for that?

Just follow the steps below and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Visit any MTN office near you and request an upgrade on your Mobile money account.

They’ll ask you for some documents and the ID card you used in registering your MOMO account.
The process usually takes 24 hours to reflect after submitting the required documents.

Some of the documents required include a Bank Statement from not more than 3 months ago, a Utility Bill with your name on it, an Employer’s reference letter, or a Registered Tenancy Agreement that has your name on it.

Any of these documents together with the ID card you used in registering your account will pass for this process.

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Why There Are Limits On Transactions

Limits placed on Mobile money transactions are beyond the control of the various service providers.

The Bank of Ghana – the regulatory body of financial institutions in Ghana gives quotas to every deposit-taking and withdrawal-giving institution operating in the country.

As such, Mobile Money services are also given a quota. That quota results in the limits given by the various operators – further divided into tiers.

So, in effect, apart from the two tiers of Mobile Money accounts, you cannot seek an upward review of your Mobile Money wallet under any circumstance.

This is mostly for security reasons.


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