How Can I Reset Your Ring Doorbell Or Get Rid Of It From My Account?

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The has definitely changed people’s perception of home security. This unique tech product has several capabilities, the most popular being its ability to record clips of whoever is at your door anytime there is motion while also letting you speak to people through it anytime you want.

Surely, these capabilities depend on the doorbell’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi and transmit clip, a feature that can be jeopardized if the system experiences bugs. In fact, some Ring doorbell owners have actually complained about the loss of sound, night vision video, and Wi-Fi connectivity when such glitches happen.

If you are battling this problem, it is nothing to lose sleep over, you only have to reset the doorbell to factory settings, and everything will be back to normal. Want to know how to make that happen? See How To Reset Your Ring Doorbell Or Get Rid Of It From Your Account:

How Can I Reset Your Ring Doorbell Or Get Rid Of It From My Account?

Resetting a Ring doorbell is not complicated in any way, however, how it will happen will depend on the model you own, The Ring 1, Ring 2, or Ring Pro. Just adhere to these instructions:

  • If you want to reset the Ring 1, locate and press the orange button on the back of the doorbell, hold it down for at least twenty seconds before releasing. If you own the Ring 2, hold down the black button on the front of the doorbell for twenty seconds. If you are a Ring Pro owner, hold down the black button on the right side of the camera for twenty seconds.
  • Release the button and the Ring light on the front will begin to flash. When it stops, the reset is done.

You might also wish to reset the doorbell to unlink it from your account, maybe when you want to gift it out to someone else. If that is the case, the device does not need a reset, simply remove it from the Ring application on your smartphone.

Also note that, as soon as you delete a device from the Ring app, all the video footage in it will be gone as well. If you have any footage you wish to save, ensure the clip is downloaded before deleting the device from the application.

How Can I Delete A Ring Doorbell From The Ring App And Remove It From Your Account?

  • Launch the Ring application and click the name of the Ring doorbell you would want to disconnect.
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  • Way down on the display, click “Device Settings.”
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  • Swipe down in the Settings list and click “General Settings.”
  • Way down on the General Settings menu, click “Remove This Device.”
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