How Do I Watch Live TV On My Apple TV?

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Live TV is no longer how it used to be with its latest subscription services and streaming boxes additions, just like Apple TV. If you own an Apple TV and would want to stream live content again, we can break everything down for you.

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Even if on-demand streaming has taken over of late, live TV is still very much relevant. And if you own an Apple TV, you are guaranteed lots of amazing options for watching television on your device. See How To Watch Live TV On Your Apple TV:

How Do I Watch Live TV On My Apple TV?

The process is not complicated in any way and we break them down nicely below:

How Can I Watch Live TV On My Apple TV Via Service-Based Apps?

The model you own does not matter, your Apple TV is blessed with lots of app selections and choices, you just have to choose the best option that appeals to you. See the best service-based apps below:

1. YouTube TV:

This one costs $65 monthly and its Google and YouTube’s online television combination is very decent. For its price, users will have access to over sixty channels live streaming right on over the web. The service comes with a complete cloud DVR for users to save their shows for future viewing. Six accounts are allowed per household too.

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2. Hulu Live:

This one costs only $54.99 per month and it is built right into the regular Hulu app. It will not just grant you access to streaming TV, you will also get the full Hulu package added to your deal. There are lots of local channels and premium cable channels available here. Sadly, no Viacom channels are supported.

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3. AT&T TV Now:

This service provides cloud DVR for recording shows and Viacom channels like Nick and Comedy Central are available here. You can enjoy up to 120 different channels of content, it all depends on the amount you are ready to pay. The app for Apple TV is amazing, but the cloud DVR is restricted to just twenty hours of content.

4. Sling TV:

Sling provides live TV for an affordable monthly price with some conditions. It is the cheapest service on this list at just $30 per month and it also comes with more add-ons and bundles than any of its rivals. It also gets the job done.

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5. Pluto TV:

If you are looking for a free option, this is one. It actually provides free streaming of some channels without any registration or payment methods. To make it more appealing, it is also very compatible with Apple TV 4th Gen.

All these options have applications built into Apple TV, which can be used to access your content straight from your living room. YouTube TV and Hulu Live have the best cable channels and local offerings, however, especially if you love sporting events.

How Can I Watch Live TV On My Apple TV Via Channel-Specific Apps?

You might also be able to stream live television directly from inside the app itself, but it all depends on the channel you want to stream. This is great news for those who are still paying for a regular cable plan. These applications need a cable login to use, but as soon as you are in, it will be possible to watch TV on those apps.

If you have a regular cable subscription and you want to watch the new season of your favorite series, simply check the application for every network on your Apple TV. They do not always have love TV streams built-in, but a lot of them do.

Premium cable channels such as HBO or Showtime are not left out too. Most of these channels come with select applications for existing subscribers and for users who do not own a cable but still wish to watch their favorite series. They all have live streams built-in, alongside the on-demand offerings that let you watch whatever is streaming at any time.

Expectedly, premium companies like HBO are home to some of the best and amazing plans for viewing their content. Sadly. it will be a very expensive journey if you want to subscribe to a lot of these premium channels.


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