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How Do People Date All Over the World?

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If you like to travel, you’ve probably already noticed that while love may be a universal language, just exactly how you get to that stage in a relationship depends entirely on where you are! In this short article, we’ll be taking a look at three major areas of the world, how their dating cultures differ, and what you’ll need to know if you want to find “the one” on your next visit!


Dating culture varies depending on which Asian country you’re in, so—for the sake of simplicity—we’ll be focusing on dating in China. Unfortunately, China has way more men than it does women, so if you’re a man, you’ll have a ton of competition to deal with! On the other hand, if you’re a woman, you’ll have tons of potential suitors to choose from. For both genders, “youth” will play a big role in your success (or failure). Women older than 30 are considered “leftovers,” which means they will have fewer suitors. This isn’t as big of an issue for men, but age will still work against you in the long run. The ultimate goal of dating in China is marriage, but for those who still want to arrange quick dates, there are some dedicated dating platforms available. So if a chinese man or woman is looking for an “Asian hookup near me” or wants a quick casual encounter, they usually rely on these matchmaking outlets thanks to their safety, simplicity, and, most importantly, efficiency.


Dating is a pretty casual affair throughout most of the United States. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to choose between going out to meet people or staying home & chatting with local singles online. In more urban areas, the “going out” option may be a feasible opportunity, but if you find yourself in a more rural community, you’ll have much better results by using an app. Americans are usually a big fan of “hookup culture,” which means meeting up for sex and then ceasing to communicate afterward. However, there are different online services designed with different end goals in mind, meaning whether you’re looking for a hookup or want to meet a lifelong partner, chances are, the perfect partner is only a few clicks away! In America, the male will usually initiate the contact & set up the date, but this isn’t always the case (especially on hookup apps), so don’t concern yourself too much with gender roles.


Dating in the UK is similar to dating in America, but British culture tends to be a bit more traditional than their American counterparts. While you can certainly find online relationships in the UK, your best option for meeting a potential partner is simply heading down to your local pub! It’s very common for singles to meet through drinking, and you’ll likely return to the pub for future dates. Unlike the US, singles in the UK should dress at least presentably, avoiding the “street” look that’s common in the United States. You should be fine with a button-up shirt, but we recommend avoiding t-shirts! If you & your “date” hit it off, expect to have an in-depth conversation about life, your goals, and your ambitions. British people tend to be ambitious, which means that appearing lazy will certainly kill any appeal you might have!

Parental approval is critical to your dating success in an Asian country. If the parents don’t like you, they will most likely pressure their child into leaving you, which means that making a positive first impression is vital. That said, money speaks—at least in China! Whereas Western countries tend to focus on romance, Chinese culture often focuses more on monetary gain in regards to dating. What does this mean? You’ll have a much easier time finding a partner if you have a car, a house, and a steady income!

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