How does the ‘Couple’ messaging app work between couples?

Currently there are different applications and each one fulfills a particular function. But today we find applications that allow us to be more connected with people who are close to us and who are far away. Likewise, we find applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal that make communication with our loved ones much easier.

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Now, we almost always have a particular person with whom we always want to talk and who is sometimes far away, it is our sentimental partner. Many couples today are far away, either because they met online or because one of them had to move to a place further away and they are separated. However, there is a very particular application for couples and it is called “Couple”, in this article we will show you how this application works.

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  1. What should be done to interact with someone in Couple for the first time?
    1. Writing your partner’s email
    2. Add birthday lists or dates
    3. Set up private conversations
  2. How to share experiences in real time with a couple from ‘Couple’?
    1. Messages, Stickers, icons or images
    2. Using the ‘Thumbkiss’ option

What should be done to interact with someone in Couple for the first time?

Today we find applications that help us flirt with someone , but we also find an application that will allow us to share intimately with our partner if he is far away. We are talking about the application for couples that has been created so that two people who are far away can feel that they are close and this is Couple.

Likewise, with this application we can share both by instant messaging as is done with other applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger . However, not only can we send messages in this application, but this application in particular allows us to carry out many more activities in real time with our place. In this way we can feel that we are together and not through a screen.

The truth has been one of the best applications for couples, since you can talk more privately with your sentimental partner. Now, to be able to talk to our partner through Couple for the first time, it will be necessary for us to have the mobile application available on our phone. In addition, this application is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Writing your partner’s email

If you made the decision to install the Couple app on your phone, surely you won’t regret it and your life will change completely. Since, with this application you will be able to establish a much more private communication with your partner and the best thing is that it will be between you and him, without anyone else being in the conversation.

However, once we have our app downloaded, the main thing will be to start configuring it and thus be able to pair up with our partner, that is, for the two applications to pair up. For this we must enter the settings and select “Pair” and then write the email of our partner and in this way the two applications will be linked, in this way they can start talking in it.

Add birthday lists or dates

Actually, this application surprises us because it offers a number of tools that are available for us to use with our partner. Likewise, one of these tools that we can find in Couple is that we can add lists. That is, we can create lists of important things or even activities that we want to do with our partner.

On the other hand, we can also enjoy the option of adding our partner’s birthday date and thus not forgetting his birthday because the application will remind us . But you can not only add the birthday date, you can also add other special dates like anniversary to create a reminder on that date.

Set up private conversations

If what you are looking for is privacy to establish a conversation with your partner, where only the two of you can talk and no one else knows what you are talking about. So, Couple will be your best option for this, since this application tries to have a private conversation with your partner because it does not allow you to add another person , but you can only talk with the person you have paired in the application.

How to share experiences in real time with a couple from ‘Couple’?

The Couple application allows us to share experiences in real time with our partner, just like other applications such as WhatsApp that allows us to make video calls . But, in particular, this app offers us much more than a video call, that is, in this application we can draw with our partner in real time. In addition, we can share photos and even play with our footprint in real time, in short, there are many ways in which we can share with our partner in real time through the screen.

Messages, Stickers, icons or images

As we have mentioned before, with the Couple application we can share experiences with our partner in real time and this will make us feel much more united. Besides, we can have a lot of fun using each of the tools in this application.

Likewise, in Couple we can exchange text messages with our partner, but we can also exchange very funny Stickers that are available in the application. In addition, we can send icons, take photos and exchange them, we can also record voice messages to send to our partner, share our location in real time and many other functions that are available.

Using the ‘Thumbkiss’ option

One of the things we normally do with our partner is holding hands and touching each other because it makes us feel loved and wanted. However, when we are away from our partner this is very difficult and we often wish we could touch and hold hands.

However, the Couple application has a very special function that allows us to touch each other with our partner and feel that it is as real as we imagine it. This is the “Thumbkiss” option that allows us to place our footprint on the screen and our partner will be able to see our footprint and touch it, apart from that we can also touch their footprint.


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