How Many Cards Can Apple Wallet Hold?

You must love using Apple Wallet for its security and convenience features. But one day, you try to add another card, and the app doesn’t allow you. Now, you naturally have this question: “how many cards can Apple Wallet hold?”


Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac have extraordinary security features. These devices protect your personal and financial data at all costs using stringent security features like software encryption, hardware encryption, tokenization, etc.

The Apple Wallet app utilizes all these features of Apple devices to keep your cards secure. You can scan the card using the device’s camera or use the Add to Wallet button available on emails, apps, and websites.

When you carry digital versions of cards, you don’t need to carry physical ones. Because Apple Wallet & Pay app enables you to use these cards using various tap-and-pay technology like NFC, EMV chips, etc.

But you can’t just keep adding cards to your Apple Wallet app. There’s a limit to the number of cards you can add to your Apple Wallet app. To find out how many cards Apple Wallet hold, read the article until the end.

How Many Cards Can Apple Wallet Hold?

To know how many cards you can add to your Apple Wallet, you must understand the types of cards you can add to the Apple Wallet app. According to Apple, you can add the following types of cards in their virtual forms:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Apple Cash or Apple Pay card
  • Reward or cash-back cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Stated ID cards
  • Student ID
  • Employee badge
  • Transit cards
  • Tickets to shows and events
  • Boarding passes
  • Theme park tickets or passes
  • Car keys
  • Home and hotel key cards

Out of all these, Apple only limits you from adding unlimited credit or debit cards.

How Many Cards Can the MagSafe Hold?

Apple MagSafe Wallet is an advanced physical wallet offering a magnetic lock, NFC, Apple Find My, and a security shield from NFC card hackers.

Currently, you can put up to three credit or debit cards in an Apple MagSafe Wallet.

Credit and Debit Card Limit for iPhone 7 and Earlier

You can add up to eight debit or credit cards in pre-iPhone 8 models. In reality, you can add only seven credit or debit cards. iPhone reserves one slot for the Apple Pay or Apple Cash card.

You can deactivate the Apple Cash card from Settings > Wallet & Pay > Toggle Off Apple Cash. Thus, you can unreserve the vacant space for one credit/debit card and enjoy up to eight payment cards.

If you want to use Apple Pay, don’t deactivate it from Settings. To use this card, you must add money to it. There are many ways to add money using a debit card. If you don’t own one, learn how to add money to Apple Pay without a debit card.

Credit and Debit Card Limit for iPhone 8 to iPhone X

From iPhone 8 to iPhone XR, iOS allows you to add up to 12 credit/debit cards. If you can’t add more than 11, follow the steps mentioned earlier to turn off the Apple Pay card from the iOS Settings app.

Not to mention, Apple Watch Series 3 can also hold up to 12 debit or credit cards.

Credit and Debit Card Limit for iPhone XS and Later

Apple increased the credit/debit card limit on the Apple Wallet app from its iPhone XS model. Up to the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max model, you can add a maximum of 16 credit or debit cards to your Wallet app.

Whenever you start adding payment cards to your Apple Wallet app, the first card you add becomes the default card. Read the article “How to Set Default Card in Apple Wallet” to swap the default card whenever needed.

How Many Cards Can Apple Wallet Hold: Different Devices

You can’t share cards across Apple devices. So, you need to add all cards separately to each compatible Apple device. Now, if you can plan strategically, you can add more than 30 payment cards on different devices.

How Many Cards Can Apple Wallet Hold: Final Words

So far, you’ve found out the exact numbers of credit/debit cards you can store on the Apple Wallet app on different Apple devices.

This information should help you safely manage your payment cards and access them conveniently using Apple iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch. Don’t forget to leave your comment below and share the article on social media.