How To Activate Free 10GB 4G data on MTN

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MTN has actually upgraded their game, now you can get a whooping free 10GB data on your MTN 4G swapped sim card and surf the internet like never before, this free 10GB data is an official offer from the ISP themselves and you will be credited the data as far as you meet the requirements, read on to figure out how to possibly activate this MTN free 10GB data.

Like I mentioned earlier this 10GB free data is given willingly by MTN, however, you need to meet some requirements, the data is made for those who are still on the 3G network, that is those using 3G sim cards on 4G phones, so basically MTN will reward you with free 10GB data if you upgrade your sim to 4G, so if you already have a 4G sim this offer is not for you, if you have a 3G sim but does not have a 4G enabled phone well the offer is partially for you because you will still need a 4G phone to enjoy the data.

Remember that Airtel is still doing there thing with free 1GB and 3GB data respectively, MTN is very ready to give you free 500mb data courtesy the MTN app, and if you are in SA then Download the app here to get free 1gb, for now let’s show those that are still using the 3G also known as H+ sim cards how to upgrade and activate free 10GB data on MTN

How To Upgrade Your Sim and Free 10GB Data On MTN

Follow the instructions below to upgrade your 3G/H+ sim card to get free 10GB data on MTN

1~ Gather your sim alongside the sim pack if you still have them and head to the nearest Mtn office

2~ Tell the Customer Representative that you want to upgrade your sim, the sim upgrade will be done within few minutes

3~ Now insert the 4G sim on your phone, then go to text message section and send 4G to 131

You will receive the free 10GB data within few minutes..

Like I said earlier this free 10GB data can only be used on 4G phones..

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