How To Become A Successful “Yahoo Girl”

How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl In 2021 is our Topic for today , welcome back to hustle – update , the best home for hustlers , on Todays Article I am going to be talking on a topic on How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl , We have written well ranging from How To Become A Yahoo Boy In Nigeria And How To Use Pant To Buy Benz In Nigeria As a Yahoo boy , so today we are going to be talking on How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl , without wasting much of your time let me go straight to the point , please kindly read from beginning to the end of this post if you really want to know How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl

Their is this thing that they normally say that what a man can do , woman can do it better.

How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl

Becoming a Successful Yahoo Girl, you have Many things to put into consideration , just know that as a Yahoo girl , you need to roll with Yahoo boys also for more Equipment and updates on Yahoo

Steps On How To Become a Yahoo Girl

Yahoo Yahoo is not an easy work , so many people find it difficult to learn , let me tell you the simple fact , no one will teach you Yahoo , so this is the time for you to learn the basic thing you need to know on how to become a Yahoo girl , not only becoming a Yahoo girl but becoming a successful Yahoo girl Below guide line are the necessary things you need that will help you be a Successful Yahoo girl.

Get A Good Phone Or Laptop

Good phone or laptop helps alot , this is your first key to Yahoo , hey you can actually do Yahoo with a mobile smart Andriod phone , but as a beginner that want to learn how to do Yahoo , you need laptop as a beginner since you don’t know much about the game , your own work is to be assisting The Yahoo boys with userful information of a victim so they can cashout and share the money with you , with time you will Fully know How To Become A Yahoo Girl

With time as you roll with some G-boys (Yahoo Boys ) you will learn more and get experience on How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl

Connect with G-boys ( Yahoo Boys)

Connecting with G-boys (Yahoo boys will have a long impact because you will try and work hand in hand , try help the guy is some part like getting a female pictures and helping in voice changing while talking to white man , with time you will learn Yahoo from the G-boy , please before rolling with a Yahoo boy make sure you investigate and check him well to be sure that he is not a Yahoo plus , so he will not use you to plus his work

Running Local Yahoo

Local Yahoo is just the local way of doing Yahoo , is just like trying to scam people in Nigeria without any trace or getting caught is very easy and straight forward to do if you have the necessary requirements and Format to start , ok let me tell you how to run a local Yahoo ,

How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl In 2021

How To run a local Yahoo

Create fake Account on Social Media like Facebook , Twitter and Instagram , use those account and find a girl , when you get the guy

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Give him fake WhatsApp contact when the guy ask for your WhatsApp contact

Start Adult chat with him ( s€x chat with him )

Send him your N*de pictures and ask him to send his own

Wait if he ask you to come over to his side (house )

Collect Transport from him and run

For you to get the N*de , you can get a picture online and crop out the face

For that their will not be any trace and he cannot report you to police since all your information are all fake , in requesting of Transport , you can start from 5000 naira up , when you collect the transport you will disappear

Take note of this

Do Not Use Your Real picture as profile picture to scam , to avoid suspicious

Do not use your main Bank Account To Scam and collect money from your victim , you can open account online with out bvn and voters card , you can open such account using Ecobank Short code *326# And Make sure you did not use same bank account to receive money from your victim , you can open as many account you want with the Ecobank short code which is *326# with different numbers : This is How To Become a Yahoo girl and be a successful yahoo girl

Selling of N*des Pictures To Yahoo Boys For money

If you have many N*de pictures , you can decide to work in hand with Yahoo Boys and make cash by selling those pictures to them , that makes you a Yahoo girl , you can snap your pu*sy and b**bs and sell it to them , because they normally use those pictures for work , when you role one on one with them , you ganna make real money as a Yahoo girl in Nigeria

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Run a Local Dating format

The dating format is the normal thing we all know before , just like making it to look more advance , but since you are running a local Yahoo , you can register in any online dating website , use different tricks to tricks your victims and collect money from them , and make sure when registering on any online site try and make sure all the information use in registration make sure that they are all fake to avoid any trace , That is why is proper not to use your real picture , you can get picture online and use , this dating format of a thing is just a way of claiming to be a girl and using it to convince your client in Different ways or other , it can be inform of exchanging s*x words with him to get his attention so you can request for transport to come over to his place and when he sends the Transport you will find your way , check out this dating app at,


Conclusion on :

How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl

You can be a Successful Yahoo girl by following the above write up step by step , read it over and over again to learn How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl , in the other link , how To Be a Yahoo in Nigeria , This is all on How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl , if the Article is useful kindly share and don’t forget to drop your email below

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