How to Become a VTuber: Tips for Twitch, YouTube, and More

Do you want to become a social media influencer but don’t feel body confident? Becoming a VTuber is a practical option for you. Let’s learn how to become a VTuber.


Your body image, camera shyness, or desire to hide your identity from the public shouldn’t come in the way of your dream to become a social influencer or game streamer.

By becoming a VTuber, where the audience can see your avatar instead of your real face or body, you can participate in live gaming or streaming sessions.

This guide will tell you how to become a VTuber. But first, look at what it means to be a VTuber.

Who Is a VTuber?

VTuber is the acronym for Virtual YouTubers. VTuber refers to social entertainers, influencers, or gamers who use digital avatars instead of their real-world appearance.

These avatars usually look like 2D or 3D anime characters with large eyes and loud personalities. While some characters have complex and mythical backgrounds, others are artists who can sing, dance, and play online games.

To interact with the audience, avatars use computer graphics and motion capture. However, content creators need to provide a voice for their virtual avatars.

The trend started in the mid-2010s in Japan but declined within a few years. Thankfully, it rejuvenated in early 2020 and, this time, turned into a global phenomenon. Now, celebrities and influencers from various countries are becoming VTubers.

How to Become a VTuber: Best Tips for 2023

1. Get the Necessary Equipment

Even for a VTuber, getting high-quality devices and equipment is essential. If you’re a gamer who wants to stream live gaming sessions, you need to have a gaming computer that’s above average.

Playing a game and streaming simultaneously put a lot of strain on the computer. Hence, there is no scope for compromising on the quality of your gaming PC.

Apart from these, it would be best to have a quality webcam and a high-end microphone for live streaming. As a non-gamer VTuber, these will be your assets.

2. Have a Stable Internet Connection

Becoming a vTuber requires broadband internet

Since becoming a VTuber means going live, internet speed and stability play a crucial role in your success.

For a smooth, uninterrupted, and high-quality streaming facility, your internet connection speed should be 20 Mbps.

Any speed less than that might cause your stream to buffer and annoy the audience. Also, ensure the connection is stable and reliable and doesn’t stop working now and then.

Moreover, lighting sources and a green screen are other equipment you may want to gather if you plan to become a VTuber.

3. Create or Acquire an Avatar

How to become a vTuber Create or Acquire an Avatar

Now, a VTuber needs to choose an avatar that matches their personality. No wonder this takes time, but you don’t want to hurry, as your success depends on selecting the correct avatar.

You can design your avatar on platforms like MMD and VRM. Here, you get to create your avatar from scratch.

If you don’t have time for this, you can buy a pre-made model from websites like Sketchfab. Besides, you can hire a professional artist to create a virtual avatar for you.

You can also follow these successful VTubers for creative inspiration:

4. Choose Software for Expression Transition

After you have your avatar ready, you need to bring it to life by ensuring it moves with your move. To include your avatar in the live streaming, you can import it into the streaming application or use a webcam.

Webcam users can opt for free tools like OBS Studio and XSplit. For importing avatars, streaming software applications like LiveCaster, are ideal options.

New VTubers should check the functioning and reviews of these applications before opting for any. This is the most complex step of becoming a VTuber, so you should be extra careful.

5. Launch Your Own Channel

Once you’re ready with everything else, you need to have your own channel. YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are some of the most popular platforms for VTubers.

However, many people also inquire about how to become a VTuber on Twitch — which makes it a lucrative option.

You can pick more than one platform and create separate channels on these. Thus, you can get followers and subscribers from different platforms that don’t overlap.

6. Share Quality Content With the Followers

When all five steps are complete, it’s time to start creating content. Decide what you want to share through your channel and create a content calendar on that topic to work coherently.

To build a loyal VTuber community, you need to be creative in content creation. Also, there is no harm in experimenting a little in the beginning.

Don’t forget to stream the content when your target audience is most active. Sharing regular content is another way to get more subscribers for your VTuber channel.

How Do I Earn Money as a VTuber?

VTubers can earn money just like conventional online gamers and influencers. They can go into a paid partnership with various brands and create relevant content to attract the target audience.

But, a VTuber must constantly create quality content to get popular and have a significant number of people following their activities.

How to Become a VTuber: Final Words

VTubing is a great option for making money and having fun. Even if you’re not confident about your body image, it helps you to become a popular streamer or influencer.

Here, we described how to become a VTuber. Following the steps mentioned here, you can easily become a VTuber on Twitch or YouTube.

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