How To best Fix Messages Showing Phone Numbers Instead Of Contact Names

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Do you battle the issue of your message application showing the phone number of people texting you, and not their contact name despite you having their numbers saved on your device? It could be very frustrating I know, but you can fix things easily. See How To Fix Messages Showing Phone Numbers Instead Of Contact Names:

How Can I Fix Messages Showing Phone Numbers Instead Of Contact Names?

iCloud Contacts might be causing this. If that is the case, this is what you can do the rectify the situation:

  • On your iOS device, click Settings > Your Name > iCloud and then disable Contacts. (You will be prompted to do whatever you want with the previously synced iCloud contacts on your phone. Choose Delete.) and hold on for some seconds before turning it back on (when you are prompted to choose Merge.)
Fix Messages Showing Phone Numbers Contact Names
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  • Restart your phone. Do that by heading to Settings > General > Shut Down and then start again.
  • Force quit the messages application and relaunch it. To exit the application, (if your phone has a Home button), double press it and scroll up the Messages application. If your phone has no Home button, like the popular iPhone X, scroll up from the home screen and then swipe up the Messages application. And then relaunch the Messages application.
  • Head to Settings > Messages and disable MMS Messaging (beneath the SMS/MMS section) and then reenable it.
  • Deactivate Short Name. Click Settings > Contacts > Short Name and toggle it off. Be aware that Short Name is activated by default and it allows you to see your contacts’ first names (surname or nickname depending on your settings,) rather than the full name.
Fix Messages Showing Phone Numbers Contact Names
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  • Check the contact number. Ensure it is in this format: + country code (area code) phone number (like: +1 217 721 0000.) If it is in a different format, alter it, and make the right changes. This might be a problem especially if there are international contacts stored on your phone. You might need to do this since your iOS device may not recognize it.

How Can I Change A Contact Name And Number On My Mobile Phone?

  • Access Contacts.
  • Click the name of the contact that you would like to change its number.
  • Click “Edit” (seen in the upper right corner.)
  • Click the number field.
  • Effect your changes.
  • Click “Done.” (seen in the upper right corner.)
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