How to Best Optimize Windows 10 For Better Gaming in 2021

optimize Windows 10 for gaming

Optimizing Windows 10 can Help you to Play Games Better on your PC. Because Windows 10 comes with tons of functions and features that eat most of the RAM and CPU in PC. And the best way to Reduce the functions of Windows 10 is to customize it correctly. So, today in this article I will show you some of the best ways to optimize Windows 10 that will help you to Improve Gaming performance.

But first, let’s talk about why you should optimize Windows 10 and Why its important for Gaming.

Why Should You Optimize Windows 10?

The reason you should Optimize it is that Windows 10 is overloaded with features and functions that don’t matter for most of us. Those overloaded features and extra functions eat RAM and CPU and left nothing for other things like Gaming. And that’s why when we start playing games on PC that has Windows 10 Installed, it lags.

This also leads to slow performance, slow Browsing, Lag in Gaming, etc. Just imagine if those extras RAM and Processors gets free in PC! Your PC will be boosted automatically for handling any storm.

Optimizing Windows 10 is super important for better gaming because when the Windows on PC is in the best state, the chances of Lag while playing any Game reduces almost to zero. An optimized Windows 10 eat less RAM, limited processors and can handle anything based on the Installed CPU and GPU Power.

Hopefully, you got why everyone should Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming. Now, let me show you how you can optimize it.

How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming in 2019?

There are tons of Optimizing tips and tricks available over the Internet, and I’m sure that all of those techniques are real. But After implementing a bunch of them, I have got 5 Working ways to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming.

So, here those 5 Best Ways to Optimize Windows 10 in 2019:

  1. Disable all the Startup Apps.
  2. Decrease Visual Effects.
  3. Uninstall Useless Softwares.
  4. Set Power Option to High.
  5. Use Wise Game Booster.

Now, you may already know these tips because some of them are quite old. But there is a reason why I’m sticking with these 5 ways. In this article, I will explain every point to you to get clear cut information that will guarantee zero Lag while Gaming on your Windows 10 PC, if you will be willing to apply.

1. Disable All the Startup Apps

Startup Apps are those types of apps which start running in PC when Windows 10 get completely booted. Most software in the market has the auto startup enabled by default. And there is a big intention behind that; they want you to access their product/software more. But their intention is Not good for our PC.

Those Startup Apps slow down the Windows 10 Bootup Process which leads to slow Performance because much amount of RAM gets consumed by those background runners Even when Bootup ends. Startup Apps Run until we End the Process one by one from In-built TaskManager.

So, how do you get rid of them?

Well, In Windows 10 its very easy to combat with Startup Apps or Background runners. If you have installed any Version of Windows 10 in your PC, then you can follow my steps to disable them permanently.

To Disable Startup Apps in Windows 10:

  1. First, Right Click on the TaskBar from your Desktop.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Go to the Startup Tab.
  4. Disable all the Apps that are under Startup Tab.
  5. Restart your Windows 10 PC and see the effect.
  6. Done.

The Steps above is Quite simple and Easy! And I’m sure that none of you need geek and tech mind to disable the Startup Apps.

Now, let me show you another method to disable Startup app. It’s by using CCleaner! If you don’t know about CCleaner, then I think explaining a bit about will be worthful.

CCleaner is a Windows registry cleaning Software that Provides tons of extra Features to Enhance the Speed of Windows on PC.

And Startup Disable feature is a Part CCleaner Software. By using this, you can disable any Heavy Mechanism Software in seconds. In CCleaner Startup Feature, there are also some Good Functions are Added like Scheduled Tasks, Context Menu, etc.

Now, let me show you how you can disable Startup Apps using CCleaner.

To Disable Startup apps using CCleaner:

  1. First, Download and Install CCleaner software from Here (Official site).
  2. Open it up and Click to Tools Tab.
  3. Then Select Startup Option.
  4. Under Startup Option, you will find three options; Windows, Scheduled Tasks, Context Menu. Select Windows to Normally Disable Startup Apps.
  5. Then Select the programs and Hit the Disable Button. Just Disable all One by one for Better Performance in Windows 10.
  6. Done.

Using CCleaner for Disabling Startup Apps Purpose is a Wise Man Work. Because CCleaner is Trusted and Powerful Software that Never Let any Software to Run Again without your Permission.

2. Use Limited Visual Effects

Visual Effects are the worst thing that Has Enhanced In Windows 10. Visual Effects are the effects that you feel while Doing Tasks on Windows 10 PC. Like when Minimizing tabs, Switching Tabs, Opening Files Explorer or any Software. I think You Probably felt the smooth Opening of any Software or while minimizing Chrome Tab. Well, I’m Literally not against these Visual Effects, and I also like them. But these Visual Effects are not good for Windows 10 PC my Friends.

These Visual Effects Slow downs the Process and obtains extra Seconds to complete tasks in Windows 10 PC. And when you decrease these Visual Effects, you will feel the Same Speed Improvement that I have felt. So, let me show you how you can disable or Decrease the Visual Effects.

To Decrease Visual Effects in Windows 10:

  1. Go to System Properties; right click on “This PC” and then Select Properties.
  2. Select Advanced Systems Properties from Left Sidebar.
  3. Go to Performance Settings.
  4. And Disable the Top three Animation. The Top three are the worst Visual Effects that mainly slow downs the Windows 10 Performance.
  5. OR, You can simply Adjust for Best Performance to Automatically Disable all the Slow-down effects.
  6. Done.

Following the Above steps will help you to Increase the Performance by Disabling Visual Effects.

3. Uninstall Useless Software

Having Software on Windows PC is necessary because it makes our Work easy. But having extra Software installed that you rarely use is not good for Gaming Performance. Too much software on PC is not Good for PC Performance Because every Software that you have installed consumes Space on Driver. And less Space on Main Driver means less Performance. So, Uninstall every Software that is not useful for your Work or for at least until you finish your Game.

Only Uninstalling the Useless Programs will not help you that much in Improving the Performance. You should also Clean the dust that those uninstalled applications will be going to leave. Again, for that, CCleaner is Best. If you no idea how to use CCleaner to clean the dust then let me help you.

Clean Registry with CCleaner:

  1. First, get the CCleaner from Here.
  2. Open it up and go to Windows>system.
  3. Just Check Mark all the Options Under System.
  4. Hit the Analyze Button and wait for complete Scan.
  5. Then hit the “Run Cleaner” Button.
  6. Done.

By just Following the Above steps, you can clean every dust that Recent Uninstalled Software Leaves.

After doing these things, enough amount of Pressure from your SSD or HDD will get away.

4. Set Power Usage to High

Making a change in Power Plan to High can absolutely increase your Gaming Performance. However, when you play Games on Your Windows 10 PC, all the hardware that you have installed needs more power supply to provide max utilization of Hardware. And the best way to Increase the Power Consuming capacity of the Hardware is through allowing them to access more Power. And you can do that from Control Panel>Power Plan.

This method worked like a charm for me. But there is a Disadvantage; if you are on Desktop, you will be putting your SMPS (Power Supplier) into Danger. Because Setting the Power Plan to High can demand more power from SMPS. So, if you have high-Level Power Supplier then its ok to try but if you have low, fixed and limited amount of V. Power Supplier and I recommend you not to try.

  • Warning: Try this at your Own Risk, TechLector will be not responsible for your Any Hardware Failure.

5. Boost PC with Wise Game Booster Before Playing Game

Wise Game Booster is one of top Game Booster that is Available for Free. Its the lightest Game Booster for Windows PC. And it is also comfortable with Windows 10. In Wise Game Booster, there are four main tabs are available; My Games, system optimizer, process optimizer, and service optimizer.

All these tabs contained top level features that help in Boosting Windows 10 PC. Basically, In Wise Game Booster, you can add your Game and Instant boost it to Play.

I Already have pretty much explained about Game Booster. I think you should Check once from below.


My Friends, there are numerous tips available on the Internet for Optimizing Windows 10. But After implementing and testing most of them, I have found 5 best and worthful tips that helps in Optimizing Windows 10.

Windows 10 has too many features as compared to Windows 7, and that’s the reason why most game lag on it that don’t work in Windows 7.

I know that Windows 10 has DirectX 12 that help Latest Games Run Better, but there are also real flaws that should be Fixed like Visual Effects and Startup Apps.

Just Implement the 5 tips that I have listed above to Optimize Windows 10 Perfectly.

Hopefully, you got something valuable here? If so, thank us by sharing this TechLector Article. Also, comment on your current running thoughts to let us know and help.

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