How To Borrow Airtime on Airtel Network Without Paying VAT

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How you borrow airtime from the ISP airtel without been charge any sort of % service charge fees, using the new airtel loan money method you don’t have to pay more than you borrowed any more, this is a new service from the ISP Airtel Nigeria and its quite interesting as it will ignite the spirit of borrow-borrow 🙂 , some people can borrow eh!!!, even to pay back the money borrowed na wahala talk more of paying extra fees, well here is how you can avert the extra service charge.

Airtel Nigeria has decided to ditch aside the profit they make from percentage charged as fees for borrowing airtime, this is a welcome development as more persons will now borrow when they run out of airtime, this comes in handy especially in a scenario you are in that business call and as you are about to call out the bank account details for payment then boom!! your village people come steal your airtime, funny me, well here is how you can borrow airtime in such case without paying the service fee on airtel, remember that you can get Free 4GB data on airtel, and equally get 1GB for N100 only on the same airtel network.

How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel Without Paying Service Fees

To be able to borrow airtime from airtel you need to first qualify for extra time, To be eligible for Airtel extra credit, you have to have been an Airtel subscriber for at least 2 months and use an average of N200 monthly.

Now dial *500*0#

Select the amount of airtel you wish to borrow from the drop-down and borrow it.

You will be credited with the amount borrowed without any service charge if you aren’t eligible you will receive the not eligible message

Enjoy, do well to share, comment any questions you may have, regards..

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