How to Change Default Email App On OS 14 iPad/iPhone

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Email, just like calendars, is something that will always be personal to us. Over the years, email has become more important to our lives as we have them linked to several important accounts, including the ones given to us by Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

And because very important platforms are connected to your email, users need to select the application they go for wisely. Talking about apps, the Apple Mail email app surely has to be one of the most popular across the globe right now.

It comes built into every iPhone and it supports any account type you fancy. It simplifies the process of starting fresh messages and tasks such as “archive”, “delete”, “move to folders,” are very seamless with it. You can even add attachments/photos to your email as quickly as possible if there is a need for it.

So, do you use the default email application on your iPhone or iPad? Are you thinking about how to change the default mailing app to a third-party email application like Gmail or Outlook? Well, we can help with this tutorial.

If you are not aware, for those who are not willing to use the default mailing app, there is a quick setting that you have to change on your device in order to change the default email application, we break down the process below. See iOS 14/iPadOS 14: How To Change Default Email App On Your iPhone Or iPad?

Change Default Email App iPhone
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How Can I Change Default Email App On My iPhone/iPad?

Be aware that your iPhone or iPad should be running iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 respectively to make the change, else it will not work. Simply adhere to these instructions below to change the default email app on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Access the Settings on your iPhone or iPad from the home screen.
  • Below “Settings,” scroll to the bottom until you locate the mail application you use on your iPhone or iPad. As soon as you find it, click on it.
  • Here, you will locate the option Default Mail App, click on it to continue.
  • After that, choose your 3-party mail application, rather than the default Apple Mail and you are done.

That is that. If none of your email applications that you need are listed apart from just the default app, it means you are yet to install the email apps or the email app you are using does not support this feature.

Change Default Email App iPhone
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