How to change Facebook profile photos without letting friends know

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In this guide, we will see how to edit the Facebook profile photo without any of your friends knowing about it.

The largest social network on the planet, Facebook, incorporates a large number of privacy options to protect its users to the extent that each of them considers.

However, by default, privacy restrictions can be quite bad for some users. A clear example is when we edit our profile photo, the rest of your friends will be notified by notification as if we had published a new photo publicly.

In addition, this photo will not only be notified to all your friends, but it is also available to other users of the social network since by default it is configured as public.

Many users like this, as they like to receive likes on their profile picture, however, many other users prefer that the profile photo be edited privately.

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to privately edit your profile picture so that no other user is informed. This profile photo will only be available in the corresponding profile photo box and not as a standard photo post.

Having said that, we want to show you step by step how to change the Facebook profile photo without other users being informed.

How to change the Facebook photo privately without letting anyone know

Facebook offers the possibility to configure some aspects regarding privacy, such as the fact that other users who are not our friends can see our photos or our friends on the social network.

As we have mentioned, the problem is that by default the modification of the Facebook profile photo is made public, so what we will do is make the change to the privacy of the photo.

The first thing we need to do is open a window in our computer’s browser and connect to Facebook with our username and password. Once there, we click on our Facebook username at the top of the menu and access our profile within the social network.

There we will be shown the cover photo, profile photo, personal information, photos, friends, publications, etc.

If you look, when you move the mouse pointer over the profile photo, the Update profile photo option will appear. Click on this option and a new window will appear from which we can upload a new photo from the computer or choose from the many that we have uploaded to our Facebook account.

Once the profile photo we will use has been selected or uploaded, cropped and / or retouched, all you have to do is click on the

Save button.

This will not only change your profile picture but will also create a post on your profile wall which will be available to all users.

It will be in this publication that you will have to click on the globe icon. This will bring up a menu where you will have to select the last option, Just me.

From now on, no user will be able to find the profile picture update except you.

As you can see, the action is quite simple, however, it is true that the most convenient thing would be that during the process of updating the profile photo, Facebook would give us the opportunity to make it public or not instead of having to select it later.

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