How to change language in Discord from PC?

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Discord is a platform that allows you to connect in real time with other users through chats , video calls. This application has multiple functions, because although it is oriented to deal with topics about various video games, you can also deal with general topics. It is available in many languages, so you can put the one for your country. If you want to know how you can do it, I invite you to continue reading until the end.

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  1. How to put Discord in Spanish from the PC?
  2. Where are the user preferences in Discord?
  3. How many languages ​​are available on Discord?
  4. What is the use of having language options in Discord?
    1. Themes and languages ​​of guests
  5. Is the language changed in Discord the same in Android?

How to put Discord in Spanish from the PC?

Discord is a platform with which you can establish contact with your family and friends, either through text, audio or images. Before using, it is very important to know the Discord platform and its usefulness . This application is available in many countries, for that reason you can change the language to that of your region. Performing this action is very easy.

You enter Discord and click on the User Settings option , which refers to User Settings . You go to Languages ​​where all languages ​​appear and you select Spanish, checking the box next to the chosen language. Immediately, your account will appear in the selected language.

Where are the user preferences in Discord?

In the system configuration, which allows you to make various settings including privacy . You can create either public or private servers, create a channel and organize it to be private where only people that you admit or have granted permission can access. When entering a user to our channel you must assign him a role so that he can communicate without inconvenience. You can manage roles in Discord easily .

In addition, from the configuration you can link your social networks with your Discord account so that you have a link in your account that takes you directly to your networks on the web. This creates the opportunity for other users in the group to get to know you. And as if that were not enough, you can make voice adjustments, text size, deactivate and silence notifications.

You can also add a bot to help you with the functions . You can choose to chat between multiple users, make video calls, screen sharing, and many other options to better manage your Discord account.

How many languages ​​are available on Discord?

With Discord you can chat in real time with other users, have conversations on a specific topic and this is possible because this application facilitates interaction with the different tools it offers. A highlight is that this application shows more than 100 languages ​​and local languages ​​and translation commands to choose from and that you can adapt to your area . For that reason, it is a platform widely used by everyone and every day more users join the Discord community.

What is the use of having language options in Discord?

The fact that on the Discord platform you can modify the language to your preference, facilitates communication and the exchange of experiences that you may have with this platform. See what it is for Discord to have language options

Themes and languages ​​of guests

The reasons why it is important for the Discord platform to have language options are highly supported and validated and they are due to the fact that the server offers specific themes related to video games in particular. Which allows you to create group chats to interact on the topics offered by the system .

Also, the platform allows you to modify the interface language to that of the guests and users and thus enjoy a better experience. On the other hand, according to our geographical area it is very convenient to adjust the language

Is the language changed in Discord the same in Android?

If you change the Language to your Android device it does not mean that you are also modifying it in your Discord application . This is an interface and to change the language you must do it directly in Discord, specifically from the User Settings. The steps are basically the same, because everything is done from the settings, but on Android. Let’s see how to do it.

The steps are very similar to how it would be changed on a PC . You open the Discord application on your mobile, click on profile photo and go to User Settings, slide the screen down and click on the Language option. The language in which it is configured will appear, you click on that language and select yours and the entire Discord system is immediately translated into the chosen language. We invite you to create a Discord account from your Android.


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