How To Change Your WordPress Profile Picture: 3 Simple Steps

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How to Protect WordPress Themes Wp-content from HackHow to Protect WordPress Themes Wp-content from HackIf you are new to web development, people use WordPress because of its easy configuration. However, even if you are an experienced website builder, there’s still much WordPress has to offer.



However, if you use the Gravatar plugin, you can change your WordPress profile picture.


There are many tweaks that the WordPress plugin can offer you, and changing the profile pictures is no exception.


You can change your entire profile picture system and make it more attractive and user-friendly once you learn how to do it.


You can even make a website like the pirate bay on WordPress, depending on the functionality and complexity you want. Now, let’s find out how the profile picture system works here.

How Does WordPress Profile Picture Work?

The default system in WordPress is Gravatar, responsible for changing the profile pictures. This system allows you to upload avatars and incorporate them on the sites integrating Gravatar.

You have to log in to your WP account using the same credentials you did while logging in to Gravatar.

It may look simple because you are only uploading one profile picture visible on all WP sites. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

There are a few drawbacks:

  1. Even while changing the profile picture on WordPress, you can’t do it by logging into the site. You have to log in to Gravatar and associate your new avatar with the email address.
  2. You may have great websites on one WordPress domain, but changing the profile picture for each of them is difficult. If you want to do that, you have to sign into a new Gravatar account, assign a different avatar, and use the address to log in to the site.


How To Change Your Profile Picture?-Three Steps

You may not mind dealing with these functional issues; Gravatar should be your welcoming edition. But, if it seems too much, you may upload a unique avatar to your site using a third-party website. Let’s find out the steps to do that:


#Step 1: Configure The Plugin

You have to begin by installing the plugin, and the ProfilePress tab will appear on the dashboard.

You can click on it and get several options for several purposes. So, click on the settings tab, and find the profile photo section from the menu.


Here, you will see the size limit of each profile picture that people can upload, and turn the feature on that will automatically resize your image to the designated size ratio.

We recommend you keep the photo size limited to 1-2 MB. If you don’t want to do that, there’s a generic logo that the plugin will offer you.

#2: Enable The Upload

You may have uploaded your profile picture successfully, but you have to enable the uploading feature before accessing it.


Go to the page editor for any post you have shared on the WP domain, open it, and you will see the profile picture icon above the main editor option on the right side of the screen.


Now, move your cursor to the spot where you want to include a profile picture, and press the icon.

There will be two options: one option will allow you to insert your profile picture into your posts, and another will help you upload the functionalities.

Click on the upload option, and select the ‘Insert Into Post’ option. A shortcode will appear on the screen. Please enter the code manually anywhere you want, and wait for it.

#3: Test The New Feature

Your profile picture has been uploaded on WordPress. Now, check the page where you typed the shortcode.

Now, you have to change your avatar. Please select the image button, and click one from their library. It will take a few seconds to get uploaded.

If you did not disable Gravatar in the first place, changing the profile picture will override the system. However, if you keep both systems on, there’s not much problem there.


So, as you can see, the original profile picture changing mechanism is a bit tricky in WordPress. Hence, if the authoritative people make it more user-friendly, it will be a good deal for us.

But, it does not mean that you should not change your profile picture until they do that. Then, you can follow our three simple steps and get on with them.

If you still need more information on changing your WordPress profile picture, let us know in the comment box. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.



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