How To Download Videos and Music Free on Youtube

Some times you wish you can download that movie, Music, comedy clip, short movie, tutorial or how to video from youtube to watch them offline at your convenience or probably share it with friends, but that where the problem comes you can’t officially do that on youtube, though later version of youtube app for android called youtube Go now allows users to download videos from youtube, store them on youtube Go app to watch them later at will, but this download is only available on the youtubeGo app, videos downloaded on the app can only be watched within the interface of the app, you can’t open it with your default video players or even share them with friends via Bluetooth or the popular xender apk.

This post will highlight different 2021 working methods with which you can download videos from youtube and store them on your device within a few minutes, read on

Youtube is one of the most popular online video streaming networks, far above her competitors HULU, Netflix etc, due to her community-based structure, anyone with a Gmail account can owe a youtube channel and start making and uploading videos, youtube is also known for her cross-platform video coverage, you can find practically any video on youtube, be it a short movie, a funny video clip, a tech review video, a how-to videos, news and documentary, name them but a few, youtube is the hub for online short, tutorial, comedy video platform, in you need that video tutorial on how to do this or that simple hit your browser and change her URL destination to and hundreds of video will be starring at you to watch, now here is how you can download and watch them offline.

WARNING: There are copyright infringement issues with downloading videos and audio online if the owner of said video or audio file hasn’t made it available for download officially. Lawsuits could follow so tread carefully.

How Download Videos And Music From Youtube In 2021

We are going to share the three most efficient methods of downloading Video from Youtube in 2019, they are as follows

1~ Downloading Videos From Youtube from

2~Downloading videos from youtube With

3~Downloading videos from youtube With Snaptube app

4~Downloading videos from youtube With Vidmate App

How To Download Videos From Y2mate

Y2mate is another good and quick method of downloading videos from YouTube, with Y2mate you can download just any video or Mp3 file from YouTube, you are served with an option to choose the quality and resolution at which you want your videos or audio downloaded

follow the instructions to download Videos or Audio from Youtube using Y2mate

1~ Open the Video or audio you want to download on YouTube via the YouTube app or website.

2~ Then click on the share button and copy the video Url.

3~ Then Visit and paste the copied URL on the column provided

How To Download Videos and Music Free on Youtube

4~ The download links will be generated accordingly, you can then select any of them and download

How To Download Videos and Music Free on Youtube

How To Download Videos From Youtube With Vidpaw

Vidpaw is on my number list on how to download videos because of the easy and user-friendly nature of this platform, is a simple website that allows you to download video from any online streaming link Youtube not excluded, with vidpaw you don’t need an external app for this purpose, simply paste your video URL and the download process will start here is a simple instruction on how to download videos from youtube with

1 ~Visit youtube, select the video you wish to download, on the address bar highlight the video URL and copy

2 ~Visit and paste the video link into the “paste now to download column”

3~Click Start and select the video resolution, it’s adviced that you download with the recommended resolution

How To Download Videos and Music Free on Youtube

4~A playback window will be launched, pause the video then long click on the video, select the download option and your download will begin

How To Download Videos and Music Free on Youtube

How To Download Videos From Youtube With SnapTube

Snaptube is an android app that allows you download videos from youtube or any other social network like Facebook, Instagram, Hulu etc, Snaptube is ideal for Android devices, with most of the online video network links embedded on the app, you can search for videos or music from the search option and have all of them displayed with the source urls, here is how to download videos from youtube with snaptube:

1 ~Download the latest version of snaptube app from here

2 ~install and launch the app

3~select the video platform you wish to download videos from, in this case, Youtube, or search the video you wish to download

4~Now, open the video and click on the download allow, Select the resolution and allow the download to start

How To Download Videos and Music Free on Youtube

How To Download Videos From Youtube With Vidmate

Vidmate has the same similarity with Snaptube, embedded social network links, an android app, and a one-click video download,

1 ~Download Vidmate app from here and install

2~launch the app and select your youtube, Search the video you wish to download

3~Click Download

4~Select the Resolution and allow the download to start

How To Download Videos and Music Free on Youtube

That’s all on How to Download Videos from Youtube in 2021, note that these methods equally download audios, you just need to select the audio or mp3 version of the video….


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