How to download videos from Facebook and messenger on iPhone and Android

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Today it is difficult to imagine life without social networks. Recent surveys show that more than 80% of mobile users start their morning by checking their feed or messenger messages. Residents of large cities aged 14 to 35 spend at least 2 hours a day on social networks, most people watch videos and chat with their friends. Like many social networks, Facebook allows you to view and publish content but does not permit you to download it to your electronic device for offline use.

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Universal online tools

This eternal confrontation between Apple and Android devices is that software developers must produce two versions of the program at once so that it will be compatible with two operating systems.  Sometimes a particular software is available for iOS devices but is not suitable for other types. Bigbangram came out of the situation by creating a convenient online tool that allows you to download Facebook video, no matter what device or version of the operating system you have.

To save a clip posted on the feed or download video from Facebook Messenger, one must copy a URL address and paste it to the search bar on the Bigbangram website.   It’s so simple that it doesn’t even make sense to explain it. The beauty is that you don’t need to pick up some software to install it on your electronic device and deal with the settings.

If you wish to download a video, use this handy online tool right in your web browser. By the way, the service works with all browsers (i.e., Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, and others). You can receive a file on your device in 30 seconds in the original quality. And picture and sound will be exactly the same as published by the author. The most important thing is that you do not risk your data and everything is completely confidential.


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