How to easily Search For Movies On Netflix?


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Netflix is home to a lot of good content, and this is very clear from the stats out there. Netflix is filled with around 1,569 TV series and 4,010 films in an expanding portfolio. And the streaming service claims that its 139 million worldwide subscribers view 140 million hours of content daily.

If you are one of the several subscribers all across the globe, you might sometimes have issues locating the series you wish to view amidst the various choices available. To assist you, Netflix has a search tool on the site and in the mobile application for iPhones and Androids.

How you use Netflix does not matter; their search tool definitely helps you to zero in on the series you want as fast as possible. To break down how it works for you so you can make your streaming life more comfortable, see the answer to your How Do I Search For Movies On Netflix question:

How Can I Search On Netflix?

  • Launch Netflix, by launching the application on your smartphone or streaming device, or by heading to in a browser.
  • Way up on the screen (or at the top of the sidebar on TV applications) click the search icon, which resembles a magnifying glass.

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  • Enter what you are searching for. There are several types of searches you can perform:
  1. By Title: If you search for the title of a TV series or movie, Netflix will display that item and the same shows and movies. If Netflix does not have the series you are searching for, it will reveal the most identical match it can find.
  2. By Actor: You can also search for the name of the actor or actress. Your search results will reveal the series and films they have appeared in.
  3. By Director: Also, you can search by the name of a director to locate films and series they have worked on.
  4. By Genre: If you are searching for a specific type of series, such as sci-fi, fantasy, drama, or comedy, simply type in that search term.
  5. By Language: Do you prefer Spanish, French, or English? Search for “French movies” to see French-language films, for example.
  6. By Video Quality: You can search by “UHD” to locate series and films that are in 4K UHD quality.

Netflix will not just show search results. It will also reveal categories way up on the page. These are the categories it is using to reveal results to you. If you wish to view results from only one of those categories, in particular, tap it to concentrate on that collection of films.

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How Can I Browse Netflix By Category?

If you are still not used to how to browse Netflix by genre and category, simply swipe down the homepage, whether you are in an application or in a web browser. However, there are more options. If you select “TV Shows” or “Movies” way up on the screen, you will switch to a page that reveals just one or the other.

And when that happens, a dropdown menu will be visible where you can select a genre directly without needing to scroll to locate it.

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