How To Enable And Disable PS5 DualSense Microphone

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How To Enable And Disable PS5 DualSense Microphone.Currently, a strong market is that of video games, this market is being controlled by the big brands , thanks to their innovations that motivate consumers to buy them. In the case of the PlayStation, it is one of the most sought after, its demand is very high, because we can have access to its multiple variety of games through its online store , wherever we find the console.

This also results in many users going online to play with people anywhere in the world ; something that had never been seen in the world of consoles. This brought challenges with it such as effective communication between users, so they decided to add a microphone to the remote to be able to communicate without problems. In this article we will explore how it works, and how we can disable it if we don’t want to use it.

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  1. How can we check if the microphone of our PS5 is enabled?
  2. How can I access the microphone voice balance of a PS5?
  3. How to disable the microphone of the PS5 in the correct way
    1. from command
    2. from the menu
  4. What happens if we hold down the mute button?

How To Enable And Disable PS5 DualSense Microphone

How can we check if the microphone of our PS5 is enabled?

Well this is the case, we have an interaction in some games with people who are far from us, and we want to communicate with them through the console and its components. The microphone is of vital importance because with it we can express ourselves quickly and easily, we just have to activate it so that we begin to be heard by our fellow Gamers.

For this we must locate a button on the remote control that is located at the top, of the symbol of a microphone, we press it and we will see that the orange light that was on, turns off in this way we will know that the remote is capturing sounds and that we can communicate with the other people connected in the game. We can also activate it through the sound settings options of the console; in the same way we must know how to connect and configure the controller .

How can I access the microphone voice balance of a PS5?

This option must be important, since it depends on how it is configured, we will be heard and sometimes this can be annoying since it is not well balanced; since when we acquire the console we can realize that it is not configured to measure, but we have to make this adjustment ourselves .

To access the sound balance, we must first go to the home screen of the PlayStation and select Settings> Sound> Audio output . In this part we will look for the option called “Measure the acoustics for the 3D audio room”, in this we can use the microphone to calculate the acoustics of the room in which we are and be able to adapt it, so that it remains with a good microphone sound pickup.

How to disable the microphone of the PS5 in the correct way.

This is an option that we don’t all like, and if we don’t want them to listen to us, we can do something about it, and this console has very precise details in its operation , such as closing a game correctly . In any case, deactivating the microphone is something that we must know well, because the signals we receive from it can be somewhat confusing.

from command

From the command we can have access to the entire console, either to navigate within its system , and make the configurations that we believe are pertinent. We also have options that we can execute from the same command, without having to enter the system itself.

To deactivate the remote’s microphone, we must know that an orange light is activated on a button that has the “microphone” symbol at the top, when this light is on the remote has the microphone off and when it is off it will be active receiving sounds. So to turn it off we must press the button so that the light is noticeable.

from the menu

To deactivate it from the menu, we go to the home screen and go to “Settings”, in the list of options we go down and enter “Sound”, now we can click on the “Microphone ” from here we can deactivate it and also perform different actions with it regarding the configuration

What happens if we hold down the mute button?

Although this light does not refer to what the orange light on the console means , it will be the light on the controller that, when pressed continuously, will begin to blink, if we carry out this action we will silence all the audio of the PS5 system , and the headphones, the microphone and if the console stops working this part of the system that gives sound to everything, that is, it will be totally silenced.



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