How To Find Out If Your Smartphone Is Water Resistant.

How To Find Out If Your Smartphone Is Water Resistant.
How To Find Out If Your Smartphone Is Water Resistant.

Modern smartphones have unique features to differentiate themselves from others but some are in high demand by users and therefore manufacturers all over the world include them in their devices. Among the most requested features in a smartphone, we find that of waterproofing so as to be calm when it rains or if you accidentally fall into the water.


Not all smartphones are water resistant and if you want to check it you have to find the technical data sheet on the network of the device or you can use this fantastic application. Water Resistance Tester is an application on the Google Play Store that allows you to check if the IP67 / IP68 water resistance seals on the phone are still intact using the phone’s built-in barometer.

Keep in mind that the seals can be compromised with drops and aging of the device and therefore it is always best to keep the phone away from liquids. If your phone does not have a built-in barometer, it cannot be supported by this application. In fact, if you have an integrated barometer, the application will work at its best.

How To Find Out If Your Smartphone Is Water Resistant.
Water Resistant Phones

Water Resistance Tester uses the barometer integrated in many smartphones to measure the variations in air pressure and after having calibrated everything, you will have to press with two thumbs in two precise points of the display in order to start the measurement and obtain the result on the waterproof less than the smartphone.

In fact, just by pressing on the display, the air present inside the smartphone is released and thanks to the barometer, the app sees how much air comes out and in how long, perceiving the degree of resistance of the gaskets and therefore understanding how it retains the air.

Water Resistance Tester is available on the Play Store for free and although it is a brilliant app, you do not have to rely 100% as the measurement can be subject to several factors that can skew the result.

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