How to fix corrupt Windows 10 hard drive using Diskpart Commands

In the world of computers, we take many things for granted and others that never cross our minds, this implies that there are many things that can make our lives easier , but we do not know them, nor have we heard of them. In the case of the Diskpart function or tool, few know it, much less how it works. But this one has very interesting functions that serve to rescue a hard drive or USB drive that is at the point of repair.

Some things to know about this command is that it allows us to manage volumes, disks, partitions and virtual disks. From the terminal , without the need to start the Windows operating system, as it happens with the other options that we know; administrator permissions are needed to be able to execute it, the good thing is that with this tool we can format, repair and delete virtual disk units, through a command line, in this article we will show you how it is done.

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  1. What should you do to be able to repair your Windows hard drive with Diskpart commands?
    1. Changing the drive letter
    2. Erasing the contents of your disk one by one
    3. Doing a full format of your drive
    4. Deleting the partitions
  2. What are the other uses that you can give to the Diskpart command?

What should you do to be able to repair your Windows hard drive with Diskpart commands?

In any case, before repairing or formatting a hard disk, we must first know what is happening with this disk, what has problems, and why it presents them if it is a failure or an error, because if so, it can cause us inconveniences when time of repair and formatting , since this intervenes in many processes within the system such as the start of Windows.

At the time of formatting, we must know that the disk saves our information, so being aware of it is important, so that later we do not have to look for another method, which helps us to repair a hard disk and be able to recover the lost information , all this is good to know so as not to have a problem during the repair process. Below we will list some things to take into account before doing the repair to the disk.

Changing the drive letter

It is essential to change the letter that are assigned to the disks , so as not to make mistakes or confuse us when working, this step does not seem relevant, but it is advisable to do it, because in this way we will already be clear about this new assignment and in this way be up to date. therefore, and not verify later which are the identification letters assigned to the volumes, this can be done from Diskpart, let’s see.

First we open Computer to identify the disk, then we open run with the shortcut Windows + R , in run you write Diskpart this will open the terminal in this you write “list volume” the list of volumes will appear, then we write “select Volume (x)” with this selected you write “assing letter (y)” and the new letter will be assigned.

Erasing the contents of your disk one by one

Before you start you must be sure that you do not have anything that is important , and then do not try to recover the files from the hard drive; To erase the contents of the hard disk, we start Diskpart from the run tool, being in the terminal we copy “list disk” and the list of disks will appear. Then we copy “select disk (x)”, after selecting it by its number we copy “clean” and all the information will be deleted

Doing a full format of your drive

After verifying the disk, assigning the new letter and cleaning the information, we open Diskpart again from run, in the terminal we copy “list volume” then “select volume” and for formatting we copy the following “format fs=ntfs label=32 quick ” and the disk volume will be formatted.

Deleting the partitions

For this procedure, we open execute in which we will copy CMD, and in the terminal we will execute the command “diskpart” this will give us the name of the disk then “list disk” and after the list of disks appears, we copy “select disk (x) ” and to eliminate or delete this chosen partition we copy “clean”, this procedure must be carried out with each of the partitions you have.

What are the other uses that you can give to the Diskpart command?

In the case of Diskpart, it has many more functions, which are very useful. Here we will list some of the great list of options that this command has , although we would like it to have it, but it does not have it, it is to be able to recover information from a formatted hard drive , but if you have some very interesting ones, let’s see

  • Attributes: manipulate the attributes of a volume or disk.
  • Automount – Enables and disables automatic mounting of basic volumes.
  • Break: separate a set of reflections.
  • Compact – Attempts to reduce the physical size of a file.
  • Convert: convert formats between discs.
  • Create – Creates a volume, partition, or virtual disk.
  • Filesystems – Shows current and supported file systems of a volume.
  • Import : import a disk group.
  • Merge – Combines a child drive with its parent drives.
  • Offline – Disconnects an object currently as online.
  • Shrink: reduce the size of a selected volume.


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