How to fix WiFi issues in Windows 11?

How to fix WiFi issues in Windows 11?.Connections to the internet network are essential for the use of computers, since if they do not we would have access to the internet, which would considerably reduce the usefulness of computers. In all systems and in the case of the Windows 11 operating system , there may be cases of failures that do not later allow the use or access to internet service; that’s why it’s important to know what to do to regain access.

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All these accessibility problems have a cause, therefore, they also have a solution, and it is possible to easily determine what is happening with the equipment, in case you ever run into these problems. In this article we will see what you must do to determine what is happening with your network connection and be able to effectively solve this annoying problem, let’s see what we can get on the road.

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  1. What could be causing problems with my computer’s WiFi connection?
    1. Driver malfunction
    2. lack of updates
    3. equipment malfunction
  2. How to fix WiFi related issues in Windows 11?
    1. Problem solver
    2. Restart PC and Router

What could be causing problems with my computer’s WiFi connection?

As for computers in general, we can access the Internet through WiFi, without necessarily being laptops, and the fact is that the use of USBs that serve as WiFi receivers helps us make Internet access more manageable, regardless of that the class of the computer is desktop and with access to a LAN network. At all times we can make use of the properties of the internet on the PC  to know how everything related to connections is.

This leads to the configurations changing and it is not necessarily more complicated, but it does give space to more configurations that can present failures . In any case, these failures have causes, which tend to be easily detectable and their solution is not as complicated as we might think; There are several factors that can cause this connection failure, and they have nothing to do specifically with the use of a USB WiFi receiver, let’s see what these general problems are.

Driver malfunction

As for the network controllers, you should know that these are the administrative center of the networks, they provide a programmable automation point, to be able to manage, configure, supervise and solve everything related to the structure of the network that the computer has .

If the problem is caused by the drivers, they will provide a warning, generally they are update issues, this can happen when we install the operating system, and the drivers with which it comes by default  and some adjustments are needed, to determine if these are the cause you should find out if updates are missing

lack of updates

The lack of updates can determine the performance of the network. For this reason it is important not to disable automatic updates permanently ; since in the future they can also fail. To know if this is the problem you must access the drivers, so you can see if updates are needed.

First you must locate the “This computer” icon, then right click and then click on “Manage” or we can also press “Windows + X” and select “Device Manager” , in this part you must locate yourself in network adapters, in If an update is required, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark will be displayed. To update it, you must right-click and “update”, the specifications will appear, which you must download from another computer.

equipment malfunction

As for the Hardware, it may happen that this is the possible reason, you can know it, if you check that the drivers are installed, you can already rule out that it is the Software , and if you perform an internet test with another computer and everything goes normal, it is not WiFi configuration or external cause. It is best to verify that the equipment is working well with all its physical components.

How to fix WiFi issues in Windows 11?

The Windows operating system in all its versions has always given us possible solutions to problems and conflicts that we may get along the way, this does not vary with its latest version. If the internet through WiFi brings us problems, we can solve them using the same system, so you must first carry out these steps to get to solve everything faster, before trying other methods.

In terms of problem solving, we must take the simplest measures and why not, start from the general to the particular. Windows 11 offers us the Troubleshooter and can also guide us on what we should do to restart the PC or Router, these being the ones that can give us the best results in most cases.

Problem solver

When we have conflicts with the internet, the first thing is that a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark may appear at the bottom right; this says that something is not right, with a right click you can enter the “Troubleshooter” which will carry out an analysis and later give us recommendations, in some cases it may be a case of synchronizing the system clock and date only This happens more often than you think.

Restart PC and Router

Something that we can always take for granted is that this internet thing is a frequency or a vibration, these may have problems or conflicts that can be solved simply by restarting the PC or the Router, and this will surely solve the problems that may arise with the connection should also be the first option to explore and the one that can avoid the most headaches.


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