How To Get Unlimited Data On Mtn For Free + How To Transfer Up To 7GB To Another Mtn User

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A few days ago I made a post on How To Get 3GB On Glo Sim For Free which rock well before it gets blocked, but I am happy to tell that we have dug out another one which is more superb than the previous one.

With this new way of getting free Gigabytes, you can send up to 7GB to another Mtn Users, also with one Mtn Sim card you can transfer the Gigabytes to many Mtn line and the code is working fine with #0.00! balance.

It is time to enjoy what I have been enjoying for the past 7 days, I was not intended to drop this tweak this time around because it is what is really fetching a lot of money into the pocket of hackers now and nobody wishes to reveal the secret for free but I don’t blame them because most of them spent a lot of money to get the tweak. Due to one of my recent post about How To Get 4GB On Mtn Sim For Free which many people complain that is no more working while am still flexing with it, anyway, I decided to drop this one to replace it for you guys.

What Can I Do With The Mtn Free 7 Gigabytes?

How to get unlimited data on mtn for free + how to transfer up to 7gb to another mtn user
  1. Browse and Download unlimited.
  2. It only lasts for one Month
  3. You can browse with it on PC/Tablet, Android, Apple phones, Symbian, and Java Phones with a simple configuration.

How Can I Learn How To Get The Gigabytes?

There are series codes for generating these Gigabytes, but I decide to share with you the best one among which is How You Can Transfer Up To 7GB To Another Mtn User at once for free.

I’m sorry, I don’t intend to stress you, but for security purposes, the code can’t be drop here.

For the full detail on how to get it done; drop your email address through the comment form below and the detail will be forwarded to you as soon as possible. Understand that the comment box will be closed as soon as we detect that the code is no more working. When you came late and you met the comment box closed, please don’t drop your email in another thread as you did last term when I posted the Glo Chocolate Tweak. This is because I hate sending you outdated information.

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