How to make Facebook 3D photos

Facebook 3d Image


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3D photos on Facebook are not something new, and surely if you have been on the social network you will surely have met some of them: you turn the phone and the photo shows a simulated 3D.

The novelty is that they can now be loaded from phones with a single camera, greatly expanding compatibility.

The positive aspect of 3D images is the depth and movement that attracts users’ attention. How can you take advantage of it? Whether you are an advertiser or influencer, you can make the most of their potential.

If you are a company, this type of format will be very useful for advertising your product on social networks. If you are an influencer, you can entertain your followers through this format and bring out all your creativity.

How to take 3D photos on Facebook? Until a few days ago, Facebook only showed the option of uploading 3D photos to users of an iPhone 7 or later and a handful of Android phones that stored depth information separately.

Now the app calculates this depth using artificial intelligence, so uploading 3D photos to Facebook is within reach of practically any recent mobile device.

How to upload 3D photos to Facebook?

As mentioned above, the main novelty of Facebook’s 3D photos is that you can now convert almost all photos to 3D, regardless of whether you took it with a mobile phone with two or more lenses or with a mobile phone that records information of depth.

Furthermore, it doesn’t even need to be taken from a phone: you can also use photos downloaded from the Internet or taken with a digital camera.

To publish a 3D photo on Facebook you will need to use the official application for Android or iOS, with a recent version. Start a post as always – tapping What are you thinking about? and choose 3D Photos from the list. This menu has so many options nowadays that you will have to scroll up to find the option.

You just have to choose the photo you want to convert to 3D. You can upload photos that are on your mobile phone either from the gallery or from any other album or folder you have at that time. Facebook will warn you that photos with an overexposed background don’t work too well, even if nothing prevents you from trying them anyway.

Facebook needs a few seconds to make the necessary calculations and show you the final result, which you can preview before publishing it. If you like the result, tap on Publish.

The result is highly variable. The best 3D photos that come out are those with a defined face or object clearly in the foreground and a plain background, so try the best ones.


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