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How To Make Money (Earn A Living) Online Via Freelancing

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This year, earning a living without having to leave your comfort zone has been made easy with the aid of freelancing websites like Upwork,, Fiverr etc on this post we will share how you can start working online on freelancer websites without any or much experience and grow yourself or brand as the case might be, with the aid of our guide and instructions you can start making money online by working as a freelancer on, also we will guide you on how to get your upwork freelancing account approved, so that you can start working immediately.

What is freelancing, Freelancing means taking short terms Jobs or contracts to get paid a specific amount after completion, and a freelancer is someone who offers their services for a fee and usually with no expectation of a permanent single client, although the working relationship can be ongoing, The good thing about modern freelancing is that anyone can freelance as far as you are ready to work, with the aid of freelancing websites like,, etc you don’t need to move an inch in search of freelancing Jobs.

The good thing about working online is that you can work from anywhere and at any time, from your couch your bedroom, etc, you can also take many Jobs at once as far as you can deliver, you are your own boss, no one is getting you tired up in an office to pay you after 30days, and you can actually earn so much if you are good and hardworking, if you want to have a good advantage on Upwork you should have and be a master on skill, build a good customer relationship and you are good to go, believe me working online is worth it, take a look at some testimonials below:

How To Make Money (Earn A Living) Online Via Freelancing

How To Make Money (Earn A Living) Online Via Freelancing

As a freelancer you are hired to do different jobs, the job you get varies with your skills and ability even if you don’t have any special skills you can still take and complete jobs, if you are good at Coreldraw and photoshop you can take on Graphics and logo design jobs, if you are a good writer you can take on writing jobs, you can take programming, Legal Consulting, Translating, Transcribing, Data Entry, Tech Support, Customer Service, Personal/ Virtual Assistance, website and app development jobs, proof writing jobs, voice overs, audio and video edit etc

On this post we are going to focus on, why? because it’s one of the best freelancing websites with thousands of jobs, it has good payment time, lower job fees and also because it’s the freelancing we have an approval solution to and can actually recommend, so sit tight because this article is a long one but it’s worth the read.

First we will start by answering some of the questions you might have about working on, like “Can I freelance without any experience?, Does upwork accept Nigerians?”, “Can I freelance without a pc(with my smartphone)?” , “What kind of Jobs can I easily get as a newbie without much experience?”, “How do I register and get my freelancing account approved on Upwork?” etc, so we start off by answering these questions.

1~ Can I Freelance Without Experience

The answer to the question is obviously yes, you can freelance without any experience, though having an experience is a plus, however, you will have to get ready to learn because that’s the only way you can succeed freelancing, when you take a new Jobs that doesn’t require special skills, pay attention to the details, what the clients wants you to do ask any questions where you need to and get going.

2~Does Upwork Accept Nigerians

Yes upwork and other freelancing websites accept Nigerians and other countries legally, most persons make the mistake of registering on them with foreign details maybe due to their tight approval process and requirement, well, you don’t have to worry about that because we got you covered regarding the approval process.

3~Can I Freelance Without A PC(With A Smartphone)?

The answer to that question is Yes and No, Yes in the sense that you will be limited to some few jobs, like writing, personal assistance or support assistance, because other jobs like transcription, data entry etc will surely need a pc, Its a No because if you need to work effectively your surely need a PC.

4~ What Kind Of Job Can I Get As A Newbie On Upwork

You can get any type of job depending on your skill, if you are a graphic designer, a web or app developer a writer, a programmer or have any skill you can head over to Upwork search bar and search for any of those jobs, the list of awaiting jobs will drop down, all you need is to view the details and send a proposal, if you don’t have any special skills you can take on jobs like transcript, data entry, assistance etc, note however that for a start you will need to take on low paying jobs, that way you will get experience and build good resume, don’t ever forget that.

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Now to the last Question

How To Register And Activate Your Upwork Freelancing Account

This is where the huddle is, activating and getting accepted as a worker on, for reasons best know to them upwork rejects 70 percent of freelancing applications, maybe because they already have millions of registered workers, but it surely have nothing to do with your ethnicity or region, we will guide you on how to register and apply as a freelancer, if your application got rejected we will show you a way out too, so relax and enjoy your time going through this guide.

1~First Click here to sign up for upwork, Register with your real details(Name, address, phone number etc)

2~Then update your profile, add your photo real photo, please don’t use logo or any image, it wouldn’t be accepted, add your real official photo, not a photo showing your chest or bottom, you are not running a Fashion show 😊

3~ Fill out your profile with your skills( data entry, graphic design, proof writing, etc), remember to add your special skills

Complete any other necessary details and then submit your profile for review

Hopefully your account will be reviewed and approved within 24hours, you will get an email regarding their decision on your account

If your application is rejected by upwork for reasons best known to them, don’t panic, follow the instructions below to resubmit your account for another review and possible approval

How To Resubmit Your Upwork Account For Approval

As the site grows more popular, they’re also becoming more selective with who can apply for jobs.
If your upwork account is disapproved, chill, don’t panic, here is what you will do.

Show Upwork you’re a serious professional – right from the start

Tell Upwork EVERYTHING you can do
Never choose just one work subcategory

Important: Change Your Skills or Area of profession to Mobile app development, IPhone Ui development, Mobile phone UI development etc, ( you can change it back to your real skill after your profile is approved)

Change Your Profile Image To an official one, if you uploaded an image where you put on a singlet, change the image

Make sure your title isn’t too vague (or too specific) eg expert developer instead of Android app developer or website developer

Update your account with this tips in mind before reapplying for freelancing account approval on Upwork

If your account was rejected after performing the steps above, that means you need help, fortunately we are here to help, however you will have to pay for that, you will need our upwork approval service, with our help we will have your upwork account approved within 24hours.

How To Get Your Rejected Upwork Account Approved Within 24hours

We always have a solution to everything, don’t we 😊, well, if your upwork account is disapproved and rejected after several attempts, don’t worry we are here to help, with the aid of our upwork Approval service we will have your upwork account approved within 24hours, so that you can start doing the main thing which is rendering your services to those that needed it,

How To Make Money (Earn A Living) Online Via Freelancing

The upwork Approval service will cost you $10 or N5,000 and the service is opened to everyone (every country) you can pay via PayPal, Chippercash or bank transfer(for Nigerians) to get your account activated you should contact us on WhatsApp via +2349030207266 or via the contact us page

Note that you can still go for other freelancing websites like,, and still make it big

That’s all on how you can make money online by working on Upwork, plus how to get your rejected upwork account approved within 24hours

Note that our exchange service is always available to exchange your earnings into your local bank account(For Nigerians and Ghanaians), who might be paid via PayPal, we are positive that you will earn Big by working on Upwork like my friends on the screenshot we shared above.

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