How To Make Money On YouTube In 2021

All across the world, 5 billion YouTube clips are being watched every single day. In fact, you’ll be right if you agree that YouTube is one of the most popular platforms in the world, as users across the globe averagely spend 40 minutes per YouTube session.

Sadly, most users just jump on the platform to watch clips, songs, movies, documentaries, and so on, using their hard-earned data, while other smart YouTubers use the same site to earn a living every day. Well, if you are done watching excessively and getting nothing in return other than the entertainment, See How To Make Money On YouTube In 2021:


How Can I Make Money On YouTube In 2021?

Fortunately, making cool cash on YouTube is no longer restricted to just a select few top musicians or influencers, as there are lots of opportunities for everyday people nowadays, and all you need is a PC and video editing software to get started. However, be aware that it will not be easy for content creators to earn significant income on the platform because there are 400 hours of video upload to YouTube every single minute across the globe.

1. Use Affiliate Links On YouTube:

Promoting affiliate links is a brilliant earning opportunity for channels that provide in-depth tutorials plus insightful product reviews. For instance, if you recommend a product and a user visits your link to make all purchases, you’ll get your commission. In fact, this link can be placed in the first few lines of your description, or you can talk about it in your video content. Be aware that posting affiliate links on YouTube share a regular resemblance to promoting affiliate links on your blog. Therefore, you should not share these links all over your YouTube content just for monetary gain. Also, remember that viewers will only follow these links when they believe your word can be trusted.

2. Become A YouTube Partner And Earn From Ads:

For several YouTubers, adverts are the most vital revenue stream, and as a YouTube Partner, you can make decent cash from ads in your videos. However, there are some rules to be observed before you can become a certified YouTube Partner, plus there are prerequisites needed to start. Apart from adhering to YouTube’s strict ad rules, you need to amass a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours in the last 1 year, plus you must have at least 1,000 subscribers. There is no definite timeline or format to get these compulsory 4,000 hours though, you can actually get 100 hours each on 40 videos or any combination to get your total to 4,000.

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3. Make Cash On YouTube With Funding From Your Fans:

This one is pretty straightforward. If you have attracted a huge following on the platform already, you can always encourage them to crowdfund your channel can help to fund your new clips and aid profit. With a platform like Patreon, the process of getting paid for your content is less complicated. For very minimal charges, your fans can make subscriptions to their favorite channels and even get exclusive rewards from their favorite content creators. Too many profitable and non-profit channels are already taking advantage of this to keep up with effective video operations, and you can make it happen to as long as you have interesting, entertaining and valuable content.

4. Master Your YouTube SEO:

For new video creators who do not have a huge following yet, you need to look into how you can step up your YouTube SEO game in 2021. To make that happen, you can perform keyword research, think along the line of what users are searching for, and start using high-value keywords in your video title, description, and video tags. There are also 5 key YouTube SEO ranking factors to consider, they are:

  • Number of comments.
  • Subscribes after watching a clip.
  • Thumbs up/thumbs down ratio.
  • Video length.
  • Click-through-rate on the YouTube search results.

5. Explore More Gains From YouTube Red Subscribers:

If you are not aware, YouTube Red lets users pay $9.99 for ad-free YouTube viewing. Even without adverts, content creators will still be able to generate cash and make 55% of revenue, according to view time. Be aware that with YouTube Red, your watch time is key, therefore you need to keep checking your YouTube Analytics to view your stats like watch time and video engagement.

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