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How to Mark a Text Message as a Favorite in Google Messages

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When you get an important message on any app, it’s logical that you may want to mark that message as a favorite. You know you’re going to need it later, so for an easy, find your want to make it as a favorite.

The good news is that you can mark a message as a favorite on Google Messages. The steps are beginner-friendly and can be done quickly. Let’s see how it’s done. You’ll also see how you can find, share and download messages in the chats as well.

How to Mark a Message as a Favorite in Google Messages

Once you have the app open and you’ve found the message you want to mark as your favorite, long-press on it. At the top, you’ll see different options such as:

How to Mark a Text Message as a Favorite in Google Messages

  • Copy
  • Erase
  • Star
  • Dots – If you tap on the dots, you’ll see options such as Share, Forward, and View details.

Make sure you only select one; if you choose to, you’ll only see the option to erase the messages. You can tell what messages you’ve marked as favorites since they’ll have a start under them. So even if you forget, you can still tell the difference. If you tap on the start under the message, it’ll be removed. But you’ll see undo message that’ll last few seconds just in case you didn’t mean to erase it.

This is a step you’ll need to repeat with all the other messages you want to mark as your favorite. After a while, you’re going to have quite a few, and you’ll want to access them.

How to Find Your Favorite Messages in Google Messages

When accessing your favorite messages, you’ll need to tap on the search bar at the top. You’ll see a Starred category below a few contact’s names.

How to Mark a Text Message as a Favorite in Google Messages

When you tap on the message, Google Messages will open the conversation where that message is in. As long as you’re there, you can also find pictures, videos, links, and places in a chat. For example, if you go to images, you’ll see the images you have available. Tap on the image, and you can choose to share it, download it, or you can see it in the chat.

How to Mark a Text Message as a Favorite in Google Messages


When someone sends you some info you’ll need to access later, marking it as a favorite can help you save some valuable time. You’ll know it’s apart from the sea of messages that you’ll see in that conversation. Do you have a lot of messages you’re going to mark as favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to share the article with others on social media.

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