How To Play Video on Chromecast;10 Tips You Must Know

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How To Play Video on Chromecast.The use of conventional television is falling behind every day due to the different options we have to see the programming we want by Streaming. One of these options is the Chromecast, with which we can enjoy playing videos or programs from the web. To learn how to use this equipment, keep reading until the end.

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  1. What do you need to know to play a file on Chromecast?
  2. How to play different video files with Chromecast?
    1. Coming from a PC
    2. Videos downloaded from the web
  3. What is the way to play a video from Google Drive on Chromecast?

What do you need to know to play a file on Chromecast?

There are several devices on the market that allow you to link your television with an internet network and on a device so that your free time becomes a very pleasant experience. The Chromecast not only has very good functions, but it is also quite affordable, making it a good alternative when purchasing equipment of this type.

If you want to get the most out of your Chromecast, you need to make sure it meets certain requirements that will help maximize its performance. If you are going to connect the Chromecast to your television and link it to a computer or laptop, you must ensure that all computers share the same Internet network .

In addition, the computer or laptop if they have a Windows operating system must have a Core i5 or i3, and have a system version 7 or later than that. In the case of the Apple OS you must have a MacBook Pro 2010 and a version of OS X 10.9, if you can have more recent versions it would be much better.

These requirements are essential to ensure that the transmission from an internet platform or the videos you have saved on your computer is effective and pleasant. Otherwise, if you have a computer or an outdated version of the operating system, you will surely have problems using the Chromecast.

On the other hand, it is good that you know that on your Chromecast device you can store the applications that you use the most to facilitate their location, although due to their low capacity you should delete the ones that you do not use frequently .

How to play different video files with Chromecast?;How To Play Video on Chromecast.

How To Play Video on Chromecast

The Chromecast is a very versatile device that allows you to entertain yourself with your family or friends and watch different kinds of content. Even if you want to have a good time alone or with company and listen to the music you like , you can set the device next to the computer to play the favorite lists of songs.

Several qualities that this type of equipment possesses is what has motivated many people to leave cable or satellite television behind and join the group of people who prefer to use streaming platforms or who like to share their photo collections on a big screen. , videos or musicals.

Also, like all Google products, the Chromecast features the Google Home assistant . With this assistant you only have to give clear control orders and she will take care of doing all the work to please your wishes.

It is as if you have a small robot that helps you manage the equipment. The only thing is that you must be aware that if you have several devices with an assistant, you must give the orders specifying the name of the assistant.

Coming from a PC

The truth is that there are many ways to play a video on Chromecast from a computer. One of them is by downloading the Plex app on your computer and creating an account. The installation of the application can take a while, so we recommend that you be patient with the process.

Once the application is downloaded and installed, you have to configure it with the Chromecast to be able to see the videos and photos that you have stored, so you can also listen to the music that you have saved. You can do this by transmitting the local files from the computer to the Chromecast.

Another way to play the videos or any other file through the Chromecast is by installing an extension of this in the browser of your Google Chrome. With this extension you can drag the local files you have and drop them in the browser, so they will automatically play on the device.

Videos downloaded from the web

The Chromecast is a streaming device, so you can use it to download videos directly from the web and play them on your TV. For this reason, video streaming is a program that complements and extends the functions of the web application that you require to play the videos.

This is characterized by being easy to install and by needing another complementary program for Google Cast. The moment you download and install them, you will be able to open the application and have the option to select a file from the web.

Clicking the play button will open a window containing the local directory, from which you can choose the video you want to play. This also applies to any video game you want to use.

What is the way to play a video from Google Drive on Chromecast?

To play a video from Google Drive you must first send the video from Drive to your Chromecast device using a free media player (VLC). For this you must first install the player on your phone. When you manage to open Drive, look for the video that you downloaded and saved in the cloud.

When you find it, you must click on the three-dot icon to access the menu. When you have access to all the options, you must click on the open section to start opening the video using all the tools that we mentioned.

When the video finishes downloading you will have the opportunity to share it with your phone. For that you must select the multimedia playback program that you are using for this process, as long as it is compatible with Chromecast. This is what will allow you to view the video.

Although for those who do not have much experience with technology these processes seem intimidating, do not hesitate to take the risk of executing it, since you will see that they are not difficult to carry out and the experience they offer you overcomes the obstacles.



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