How to recover a Wish account if you forget the password

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The best place there is to buy things at a good price and with a reliable intermediary is Wish. This is a platform where people who want to sell products or people who want to buy products register. The best thing about this sales website is that it turns out to be like a class of AliExpress.

Perhaps at some point you have stopped using your Wish account because you never saw a good purpose for it. If you have lost your Wish account password don’t worry because there is still a way to recover that account. Next, we will show you how to do it.

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  1. Wish Password Recovery Procedure
  2. What to do if my account was associated with Facebook or Google?
  3. If I don’t remember the email with which I registered, can anything be done?
  4. Can the Wish email be changed?
  5. Where can you contact platform support?
    1. Email
    2. Telephone

Wish Password Recovery Procedure

To recover your Wish password you do not need to do many things that we say. Pay attention to the following procedure so that you can learn how to recover your account password:

  1. Go to the Wish website or else open the app on your device
  2. Then, go to put your email or your cell phone
  3. Then press the option that says ‘I forgot my password’
  4. To finish, access your email account so that you can access the link that will be given to you to reset the password of your Wish account

Of course, in order to receive recovery messages from your Wish account, it is necessary that your email is affiliated with the Wish account. By the way, you need to know that with Wish there is a way to get completely free shipping . These shipments will help you not spend as much money when buying a product or when selling a product.

What to do if my account was associated with Facebook or Google?

In some cases it happens that we do not register directly with our email, but we use a Facebook account or a Google account. In these cases, what you can do is choose the option ‘Sign in with Google’ or else ‘Sign in with my Facebook’.

On some occasions, access will be granted immediately , but if you get an error, what you should do is select the ‘Forgot password’ option. Possibly by doing this, a message was sent to your Facebook or to the contact medium you have on your Facebook.

If you have an email that is associated with the Facebook account or a phone number, the Wish system will send a message to your email to recover the account. It should be noted that if you are unable to recover your Wish account, you can continue to create a new account for free .

With a new Wish account you will be able to access the platform again to search for products to buy or to publish things and sell them. Although in most cases it is always much better to recover the existing account, as a last resort you would have to create a new account.

If I don’t remember the email with which I registered, can anything be done?

If you do not remember the email with which you registered your Wish account, you are in something serious and it can be said that you are one step away from losing your Wish account forever . When the email with which you created your Wish account is not remembered, there is no way to recover the account.

In these types of cases, the only thing you can do is take a notebook, think hard and make a list of all the emails you have created. Then you try to access each of those email accounts and by accessing those accounts, you enter the email address on the Wish platform.

When entering the email on the Wish platform, a message should appear telling you that this email is registered on the site . That way, you can locate the email account you used to register on Wish.

In case you didn’t know, with Wish in addition to getting free shipping you can also get Wish coupons, discount codes and things like that .

Can the Wish email be changed?

Once you recover your Wish account, you can move on to changing the email account that is affiliated with your Wish account. See how the change of email account is done:

  1. Open the web browser or app
  2. Sign in to your Wish account
  3. Go to the ‘Settings’ section
  4. Press the option ‘Change email address’
  5. Then, go on to place the email address that you are going to designate
  6. To finish, confirm that this is the new email and that’s it

Where can you contact platform support?

In case you have any problem recovering your Wish account , what you can do is find how to contact Wish support. Wish enables at least two means which are email and phone number.


From the email ‘ [email protected] ‘ you can send claims or alerts of problems you have with the platform. This email is at the complete disposal of customers so that they can make their claims.


The phone number to use to make claims to the Wish platform is this ‘1-800-266-0172’. That number is reserved exclusively for serious problems you have with the platform. If you have any questions, you can turn to the Wish help center.



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