How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats without Backup

Have you just lost or deleted your WhatsApp messages in error? Without a backup in place this could be a real nightmare. However, there are tools like ChatsBack to help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages without a Backup on Android an iOS. Here we show you how to recover WhatsApp messages without backup.

Whatsapp is a cross-platform instant messaging app that enables you to chat freely with your friends and contacts on your mobile phone. You can send text messages, make voice and video calls, send voice notes as well as share images and documents on WhatsApp. You can also create groups and manage meetings on WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp becoming a very crucial app, it could cause panic if you accidentally delete your WhatsApp messages or they get lost after a system crash. Here we would show you how to recover your WhatsApp messages without backup.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backup with ChatsBack

ChatsBack is a WhatsApp recovery tool that enables you recover lost and deleted messages whether you have a backup or not. While it is great to have a backup, ChatsBack will help you recover messages even if you don’t have one.

The tool makes it easy for you to recover your WhatsApp data directly from the internal storage of your device. It will enable you preview the recoverable WhatsApp data before you perform the final recovery.

If you have your WhatsApp messages and attachments backed up and synced on Google Drive and iTunes, ChatsBack can also help you with seamless recovery of the data.

While, you do not need to install ChatsBack prior to needing it, installing before you need it ensures a 100% recovery of deleted file.

This is because the app creates a history record on your local storage which means that you can easily recover deleted or lost WhatsApp messages and data from the history records without needing to download from Cloud storage.

You can also download the recovered WhatsApp data in multiple formats to your PC. Supported formats include HTML, CSV, PDF, and Excel.

For the rest of the article, we would focus on how to recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages when you don’t have Backup in place.

Devices Supported by ChatsBack for WhatsApp Recovery

On major advantage of ChatsBack is that it supports multiple devices: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The tool supports iOS 9.3.5 or later, which means everything from iPhone 4 to iPhone 13 is covered. Chatsback also supports Android 2.0 and above, Mac OS X 10.9 to Mac OS X 12.0, as well as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backup

The ChatsBack app enables you recover deleted WhatsApp data in four ways, three of which requires you to have a backup in place. However, if you are reading this article I suppose you do not have a backup in place and are looking for a solution that will help you recover your WhatApp data from raw storage.

Here is how to recover deleted or lost WhatsApp chats, messages, photos, contacts, audio, video, files, and more when you do not have a backup in place. You will need to buy, download, and install the Chatsback app on your device before following the steps below:

Step 1. Launch the ChatsBack app on your Windows or Mac computer

Step 2. Choose Device Storage as the location to recover WhatsApp data from. This is the correct mode to enable the app search your device storage for recoverable data.

Recover WhatsApp from Device Storage

Step 3. Connect your device to the computer via USB. If you are recovering from an Android device, enable USB Debugging. For iPhone or iPad enable Trust this computer instead.

Connect Device to computer with ChatsBack

Step 4. Choose or confirm where you want the recovered data saved and click the Start button. For android devices scanning starts immediately. However, for iOS devices you will be prompted to choose the type of WhatsApp account you want to recover deleted data. Select the appropriate account type and hit the OK button.

Step 5. When scanning is complete, hit the Nextbutton and follow all subsequent instructions. In the end the recoverable data will be displayed.

Scan and Fetch Deleted WhatsApp Messages with ChatsBack

Step 6. Preview the Recovered data and select the items you want to recover.

Step 7. Choose whether to Recover to PC or to the connected Device. To recover to PC, click the Recover to PC button, select the file format you want it saved in and the location you want it saved in and click the OK button. To recover to device, click on the Recover to Device button, click the Start button and follow all the prompts. In order to recover the data to your device, ChatsBack will install an old-version WhatsApp on your device. The existing WhatsApp data on the connected device would be erased after recovery, so do a backup first.

Step 8. Login to your WhatsApp account once recovery is over to see the recovered data.

Step 9. Make a Local Backup of your WhatsApp data

Step 10. Update to the latest version of the WhatsApp app.

There you have it. A simple way to recover deleted WhatsApp data without a backup. Hope you found it useful? Get Chats Back today and recover your lost or accidentally deleted WhatsApp data.

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