How to remove a Super Like on Tinder

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How to remove a Super Like on Tinder.Currently, dating applications such as Facebook for couples or Bumble are gathering a good number of potential users who decide to download them on a daily basis . However, the dating app par excellence is still Tinder and its operation is so intuitive and efficient to meet new people, that it is difficult to surpass it by far. Especially, having so many years of life within the most acclaimed social networks of the moment.

Of course, the developers of Tinder are always on the lookout for new tools that give users an unparalleled user experience, whether it’s indicating when someone likes them or keeping track of the most recent Likes. Which is why now comes the Super Likes system, a very remarkable way to tell your potential partner that you really like him through the swipe up.

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  1. What should you know before undoing a Super Like on Tinder?
    1. You need to sign up for a paid account
  2. How many times can you rewind within Tinder?
  3. How do you get rid of a super like within this app?
  4. What to do to remove a Super Like on Tinder for free?
    1. Edit your profile disclosure

What should you know before undoing a Super Like on Tinder;How to remove a Super Like on Tinder.

Imagine that you have accidentally Super Liked someone and you don’t want them to think that they immediately caught your attention , especially if this is not really the case. Therefore, you need to be aware of the best way to undo this if you want to avoid any instant matching. In this way, you will not have to go through those questions when your account is blocked or banned due to misunderstandings that could arise.

You need to sign up for a paid account

Now, if you want to undo that Super Like that is causing you so many headaches, you should know that you need to subscribe to a paid account . Whether through Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you choose which alternative fits best within your budget. Of course, you will have the benefit of reversing the last shot made within the App and all this through the innovative feature called Rewind and that you will not find for free.

How many times can you rewind within Tinder?

Once you make the decision to pay for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you will have a number of amazing benefits to help you get the most out of this online dating network. Therefore, you do not have to worry about how many times you can rewind within Tinder because there is no predetermined number to do so. So, as long as you are subscribed to one of these forms of payment, you will have the option to rewind, using it as many times as you need.

How do you get rid of a super like within this app?

The best option to undo Super Likes within Tinder is with the payment methods described above. And if you want to use them, the first thing you should do is look at a yellow button that will appear in the lower corner of the App screen and that will allow you to undo the hits you have recently made. Thus, when you make a small mistake when sliding, you can reverse it as soon as possible so that the other person does not notice what happened.

For all these reasons, it is not necessary to turn off your mobile or close the session because all you have to do is touch the yellow button on the screen so that everything returns to normal. Then, you can continue to develop regularly within the platform, sliding to the left or right to indicate the profiles that most attract you. Using the Super Like option, only when it is really necessary and you are fully sure of your decision.

What to do to remove a Super Like on Tinder for free?

In the event that you are not interested in using some of the payment methods that we indicated above, do not worry because there is a free alternative that you can choose. This being a practical and economical way that will help you undo the blows you make as many times as you deserve. So, take note of the following tips that we provide below.

Edit your profile disclosure

This is the free strategy that will help you with this common inconvenience made by many Tinder users. It is about placing a disclosure on your profile that helps other users in the community to be aware that your Super Like was made accidentally. That said, we recommend you write an interesting message where this aspect is highlighted so that others are aware.

Despite this, the most advisable thing is to use a payment method that offers you a more immediate solution to this frequent problem. Especially if you’re a regular Tinder user and don’t want to be constantly editing your profile bio data.


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