How to Reset/Change First Bank Mobile Banking PIN


First mobile banking is the best way to carry out a transaction. Many folks prefer to just top up their lines, buy data, pay for bills such as TV subscriptions and NEPA bills using their phones.

There are many reasons for using the first Mobile banking. Most importantly, we use it to transfer money as well. So what if you have forgotten your transfer PIN? The PIN you entered during your mobile registered?

Do you think it’s that easy to reset it or change it to another PIN? What if you have forgotten the PIN you use on your mobile app for transfer?. Remember, your mobile app also requires a personal password before you can access it.

If you forget any of the PIN or password above, you can still get a new one by resetting your PIN. In this post, we will be showing you how to reset your First Bank Mobile PIN.

How to Reset First Bank Transfer PIN

The First Bank transfers PIN we are talking about here is the PIN that you use to send money using the *894# code. So if you have forgotten that PIN, you can reset it by dialing *894*0#. You will be asked to enter your ATM PIN and then create a new 5-digits PIN. Just make sure that you use a PIN that will be easy to remember.

While doing that, please avoid using popular PIN like your phone number or date of birth. Many people can easily guess them, so they are not safe. So if you are in the train of those that forgot their First Bank transfers PIN, you can now reset it and continue enjoying the mobile banking.

You can also use the same method to Reset your ATM PIN. After dialing the code, you just have to select your preferred debit card that you want to change the PIN.

How to Change First Bank Mobile App PIN / Password

The PIN we are talking about here is the one that you will enter before you can log in to your First Bank mobile App and carry out a transaction. So if you have forgotten the PIN, you can also reset it and change it to another one. The method is simple if you know your secret answer and questions.

You can access this information by clicking on “Get Help” below the PIN field. Here you will have the option to access your Reset Secrete Question And Answers. Clicking on it will show you a field to enter the question and answer and after that, an OTP will be sent to your phone for confirmation.

Now let’s go back and click on the Forget mPin. Enter the answer to the question and then click your New PIN and again to confirm.

That’s all friends. With the above information, you will be able to change your First Bank transfers PIN and mobile app PIN.

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