How to Reset/Change GTB Mobile Banking PIN


The Guaranty Trust Bank GTB is among the numerous Banks in Nigeria that offers their customers mobile banking. With the code *737# you can create a mobile transfer, use to code to create a PIN and you can also reset the PIN as well.

Well, in this article, we will be showing how to retrieve your forgotten 737 PIN without going to the Bank.

How to Reset GTB Transfer PIN

Just as mentioned above, the GTB transfer PIN is the four digits code that you generate using the *373# code which gives you access to mobile banking services. It’s the code you can use to make a transfer to another Bank, recharge your phone, buy Airtime and also pay bills.

So if you have forgotten the 737 PIN, you can reset it by dialing *737*4*2#. You will be asked to create another PIN. While doing that, make sure you choose PIN you can easily remember, but please avoid using your phone number, date of birth of any popular digits that anyone can guess.

The GTB 737 is a nice code for transferring money to another account and the transfer limit is 200,000 Naira daily. This is better as other banks offer limited transfer than this. However, if you wish to transfer more, you can use the mobile app.

How to Reset GTB Bank Mobile App PIN

If you have forgotten the PIN you always use to access your GTB mobile application on your smartphone, you can also reset it just as you do with the 737 PIN. To reset, make sure you have the phone number you use in registering for the App which is the same as your GTB Bank mobile number. If you have lost the number, you can also change the number though the guide here.

To change your GT mobile app PIN is simply, just click on the Forget PIN, or Help, then follow the onscreen instructions. You may be asked for some questions and after that, a confirmation PIN will be sent to your phone.

That’s all, use the comments box if you have any questions.

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