How to reset your password in Pinterest

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If you forgot your password, Pinterest can send you a link to create a new password and get back into your account.

Once you reset or change your password, you’ll need to update it on all the devices where you use Pinterest.

How to reset your password

  1. Go to to request a password reset
  2. Search for your email, name, or username to find your account
  3. Click This is me next to your account
  4. Check the email address connected to your account for a password reset email
  5. From the email, click Reset password and enter a new password twice
  6. Click Change password

Keep in mind that in order to keep your account safe, we don’t allow you to use any recently used passwords.

How to change your password

If you’re already logged in to Pinterest, you can change your password from your settings.[Copy Direct URL]

  1. Click   at the top of Pinterest to open your menu
  2. Click Edit settings
  3. Click Account settings
  4. Click Change your password
  5. Enter your old password and your new password twice
    • If you can’t remember your old password, click Forgot it? then check the email associated with your Pinterest account to reset your password
  6. Click Change Password
  7. Click Done


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