How to Root Android Phone Without PC

Today we will take you through on  How To Root Android phone Without PC, this comes in handy as most apps and operations on Android require root to run, as an average Android user might not afford to do so with a pc, this post will do a little justice to how we can do so without the use of a pc, so read on

what is root?

In brief, “root Android” means getting the highest authority on Android and has access to better use your Android phone by optimizing your phone, and its data, etc.
Rooting your android smartphone will give you more control over your android smartphone, controls like

  • installing and running an app on your phone even when restricted
  • Removing built-in apps that are found not useful
  • Enabling some cheats and configuration on your phone
  • Changing IMEI or ID of your phone
  • Running aid app on your phone free of charge etc
  • in fact, rooting gives you full admin control over your smartphone

Note that Rooting your phone will void the warranty, and it’s strictly at owners risk, you can brick your phone if you don’t follow a well-guided procedure.

Cautions To Take When Root Android Phone Without PC

  • Always make sure your battery is above 70% before rooting
  • ensure you have an active data connection before rooting
  • Use only prescribed apps to root your phone.
  • If your phone fails to root using a mobile app, then do so on a pc

Rooting an Android smartphone has been made easier and simpler with the aid of some third-party apps, all you need to do is install the root app, launch it, allow the app to check the status and identity of your then Click on the root button and viola your device rooting process will begin.

Here Is The List Of Apps To Root Android Phone Without PC

  1. Kingroot
  2. Kingoroot
  3. Iroot
  4. Towelroot

I recommend you try any of the root apps above to Root Android phone Without PC from android version 2.3 ice cream to 7.0 Nougat, simply download any of the root apps, click on the root option and you are good to go.

How To Use Kingroot To Root Android Phone Without PC

  • Download kingroot  from Here
  • Install and launch the app
  • On your data connection
  • Allow the app to identify your phone status.
  • Click on Try root and allow the rooting take place
  • Note that your device might reboot severally during root

How to Root Android Phone Without PC

How to Root Android Phone Without PC

How to Root Android Phone Without PC

  • Once the rooting process is completed you will be notified
  • Most times kingroot will install purity to manage your phone activities, you can uninstall the purity app if you find it annoying.

How To Use Kingoroot To Root Android Phone Without PC

  1. Download kingoroot from these links  DOWNLOAD
  2. Install downloaded Kingoroot
  3. Launch and allow kingoroot app to verify your root status and click on acquire root to start the rooting process
  4. Be sure your data connection is on

How to Root Android Phone Without PC

  1. A reboot may occur during the rooting process

How To Use IRoot To Root Android Phone Without PC

  1. First of all, Download iRoot from here.
  2. Now, Open & Install downloaded APK of iRoot in your android mobile.
  3. Once, you have successfully installed iRoot, Open it.
  4. Tap on I Agree.
  5. Now, click on Root button.
  6. How to Root Android Phone Without PC
  7. you will be prompted with a success message

Other rooting apps you can use to How To Root Android phone Without PC

Do well to share with us the root strategy that went well on your device, it will go a long way to help others, and don’t forget to share.

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