How to save all your PC files in Google Drive installed on your PC

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How to save all your PC files in Google Drive installed on your PC

Losing files on your computer as a result of a crashed OS or even a power outage especially for those using desktop computers with no UPS support sometimes gets frustrating. Google has made it easy for Gmail account holders to save their files in a virtual local drive (Google Drive).

All GMail users have a free virtual disk space of 15GB, and this can be upgraded to even 2TB at a fee. To activate this virtual drive on your computer, follow the steps below to get it installed.

  • Check to see if you have Google Drive installed on your PC by going to: This PC >> Devices and drives.
  • If the Google Drive is not installed on your PC, click here to download and install on your PC
  • You should see Google Drive under Devices and drives
  • Double click to open. If it is your first time opening it, you will be prompted to sign in.
  • Sign in with your Gmail account login details.
  • Once signed in you should see two folders “My Drive” and “Shared drives“.
  • Open My Drive folder and create folders to properly keep all your work files based on how best you can identify them.
  • Now proceed to move all files saved on your PC in DocumentsDownloads folders, on Desktop, and in any folder, you have created on the PC to the Folders you’ve created in Google Drive.
  • Once all files have been moved to Google Drive with a green tick on all the folder icons, you can now work (edit/create new/ copy, etc) on all files in the Drive and they will automatically be updated and saved.
  • Henceforth, all files/docs should be saved and worked on from Google Drive.
  • With all these done, your files are now safe and saved in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere.


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