How to Schedule Any Message for Later on Google Messages

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You need to say something, but now is not the time to say it. In that case, you can always program your messages for another time. That way, even if you forget, Google Messages won’t.

Google thing that Google Messages allows you to schedule your messages for later. That way, you can continue to relax and not have to worry about sending that message on time. The feature is not in plain sight, so you might not have known you can do this on the app.

How to Schedule Messages for Later – Google Messages

To send any message later, open Google Messages and find the contact you want to send the message to. Type up the message, and instead of tapping on the send button, long-press on it. You’ll see different sending options such as:

  • Later today
  • Later tonight
  • Tomorrow
  • Select date and time

How To Schedule Any Message For Later On Google Messages

If you choose the last option, first, you’ll need to choose the date from the calendar. Tap on the next option and then choose the time you would like the message to be sent. If you want to type in the time, you can always tap on the keyboard icon. Tap on the next option, and Google Messages will show you the date and time options you chose. If everything is ok tap on the save option.

How To Schedule Any Message For Later On Google Messages

After tapping on the save option, your message will show the time and date the message will be sent above the message box. Tap on the send option, and your message will have a clock to the left and the words scheduled message below it. You’ll also see an option to attach a recent photo too.

How to Modify Message Sending Time – Google Messages

If you’ve already sent the message but then realized you made a mistake and need to change the time, not to worry because you can. Tap on the clock and choose the update message option. You’ll be back where you were before you sent the message, tap on the time and date above the message and make the necessary changes.

How To Schedule Any Message For Later On Google Messages

By tapping on the clock, you can also send the message right away if you need to. You can even delete it altogether too. It’s also possible to add a subject field to your scheduled message. Simply tap on the message, followed by the dots at the top right.

How To Schedule Any Message For Later On Google Messages

You can add an urgent subject line or make one up yourself.


When you need to send a message using Google Messages, you know how you can schedule them for later. Also, you saw how you can also add a subject line as well. Do you schedule messages often, or do you send them on the spot? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share the article with others on social media.

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