How to set a Netflix PIN to Protect Kids against Adult Content

How to set a Netflix PIN to Protect Kids against Adult Content
Children Watching Netflix Shows

In order to be a wise viewer with impressions as needed

Netflix is ​​currently on the rise as a provider of streaming movies and series that offer quality viewing so that many people are starting to switch from watching regular TV as well as cable TV to Netflix. This has become a trend in itself among the middle to upper-class society, especially in urban communities.However, it turns out that not all shows on Netflix can be enjoyed by all ages, because a lot of Netflix content can only be watched by people over 17 years of age who already have an awareness of what they are watching. Therefore, you need to apply these tips for setting a Netflix PIN.

Here are tips to set a Netflix PIN to protect against underage viewers

For those who have difficulty explaining to children why they shouldn’t watch some content on Netflix, there’s nothing wrong with giving Netflix a PIN so they can’t be accessed carelessly. Then how? Check out these tips for pinning Netflix!

Set a PIN code

Almost the same as profile settings, a PIN can also be used to limit content access. There are four levels of content, namely small children (all ages), pre-teens (7 years and over), teenagers (13 years and over), and adults (16 years and over).

If it is set on youth level content, the user must first enter a PIN to watch adult content at a higher level.

The first step to setting a PIN on Netflix is ​​to enter the Adult profile, navigate to the account photo. Then select the Account menu in the upper right corner. This setting can be accessed if you are on the Adult profile.

In this second step, scroll down the page and enter the Parental control menu in the Settings submenu. Next, you will be asked to enter your Netflix PIN. This PIN is the password used to enter your account.

In this final step, you will be asked to create a Parental Control PIN. Create a PIN that is safe in the form of four-digit numbers, then click the Save button.

Children Watching Netflix
Children Watching Netflix

Viewer profile

Netflix users can create an “adult” profile and a “child” profile. The current profile has two levels, namely the “all ages/adults” and “youth” levels. Adult content can only be accessed by profiles at the “all ages/adults” setting level, while the “youth” level can watch content under 13 years of age.

Just like the “adult” profile, the “children” profile also has two levels, namely “pre-adolescents” and “only for young children”. So, if you have younger siblings, nephews who are still children, you should direct them to watch content “only for small children”.

Those are some tips on setting a Netflix PIN so that not everyone can access this content, especially minors because there is a lot of adult content on Netflix. Although this can be a solution, providing explanations for things that children are not allowed to watch will be much more important.

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